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▶ Further and Great Beam Distance

⟹ A high-performance LED offers an excellent beam distance of 1,300 metres, making it the new king of throw flashlight species.The two 5000mAh 21700 battery pack brings long runtime.

▶ Hunting Torch

⟹ The Javelot Turbo is a dual-switch LED flashlight. We made technical improvements to these things including the throw, convenient side switch, integrated replaceable battery pack, power level indicator, and the 63mm bezel diameter.

▶ 3-in-1 Tail Switch 

The signature 3-in-1 tail switch has been raised a little, just like that of Odin, to enable a more smooth tactical operation.

▶ Hunting or Search and Rescue

You can charge the product via a normal MCC3 charging cable, or lock it up with a ROD remote pressure switch. For sure, the Javelot Turbo is one of Olight’s best illumination tool for hunting or search and rescue.