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4 Tips to remember! For Beginners to Purchase a Suitable Torch

4 Tips to remember! For Beginners to Purchase a Suitable Torch

For beginners, the most unfriendly thing is getting bombarded by a variety of parameters, leaving you all confused as to what is the easiest and least complicated way to choose a torch. Well, with the 4 core elements we’ll introduce to you in this article, you’ll get a quick start.



Table of Contents:

  • Candela is a unit used to describe the luminous intensity of the light source
  • The design of the switch tells if it is easy to read the user interface and to operate
  • Rechargeable or non-rechargeable, matters to your budget
  • Rule out zoomable torches

Is brightness decided by lumen or beam distance?

 candela importance

The brightness of a torch cannot be reflected by these two parameters alone. For professional torches, it is candela that tells the intensity of the light, that is, the brightness level. And the more intense the light, the brighter the torch. Because high lumen does not always come with high candela. However, with a high candela, the lumen of the torch is definitely not low.


The switch should be simple and easy to use

flashlight switch

Whether it's a side switch or a tail switch, the buttons should preferably protrude a little in an ergonomic way. This way, when you need to use it, you can light it up with a simple press, rather than having to struggle to turn it on. Ideally, the user interface should have only one output mode: full power. But each person needs different brightness levels for different scenarios. For beginners, high mode and low mode will be sufficient. No need to require multiple output modes like torch enthusiasts do. That’s because you may forget how to operate if the user interface is way too complicated. And many may not bother to read the user manual.


Better use a charger if you want to save money

flashlight rechargeability

Batteries like the CR123 have a large capacity and are easy to store, but the cost of replacement is not insignificant. For special occupations or high-intensity nighttime activities, non-rechargeable torches can be expensive. Also, they are not frequently used especially inside the home, only when there is a power outage or need to look for something in the basement. Regular rechargeable torches usually come with micro USB or Type-C charging ports, some torches are also equipped with magnetic fast charging technology and customised battery.




In fact, all three charging torches have their own advantages and disadvantages. The former two opt for general use, but both demand a high waterproof rating. This is because the USB or Type-C charging torches need to take the location of the charging port into account. If the charging port is exposed on the body of the torch, the possibility of water ingress is greatly increased. This is why manufacturers apply the method of removing the battery and then charging to extend its life. But the disadvantage is users need to take the battery out every time to charge. This reminds us of mobile phones with removable batteries, which you need to remove the battery and charge it with a universal charger. Some torch enthusiasts may use 18650 or other types of battery chargers, but beginners  don’t share the experience.



Magnetic charging design eliminates the cumbersome operation of regular charging, by plugging it directly into the power supply. Also, it is truly waterproof considering it’s sealed completely. Torches with magnetic design can also offer hands-free illumination when needed. Despite the fact that current customised batteries are originally designed to prevent safety issues caused by false triggering, it is not well received by all the torch enthusiasts. In the future, Olight will continue to improve the lighting technology to make the torch more accessible, so as to light up the world with technology.





What about zoom technology?

flashlight zoomable beam

Many torch enthusiasts today will try out zoomable torches. But for beginners , this type of torches can be tricky. First of all, zoomable torches contain a major technical flaw that could result in further safety issues. Applying the zoomable mechanism increases multiple failures. Not only does it reduce the IPX rating, but also lowers the optical efficiency(for the light is trapped inside the head of the torch). However, a well-designed fixed beam torch provides both a bright throwing hotspot and flooding area, without zooming in and out. Zoomable lights often fail to light up. If you want to reduce the risk of accidents while operating a torch, try not to choose a zoomable one.


With these key tips in mind, you too can get a suitable torch easily. If you have any further good suggestions or ideas, feel free to leave a comment or send an email to us. We may send you a surprise gift if the suggestion was taken.

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