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Customer Support FAQS

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What is Loyalty Program
Our VIP is divided five levels: copper, silver, gold, platinum, diamond. Each levels has their benefits. More details learn from o-fan-club.
What is the digital number on the barrel or bezel of my light?

There is a unique serial number on each flashlight which indicates the time of manufacturing

e.g H07186427, H means the production year 2017; 07 means production month July; 18 is the date, 6427 is the production number. So the manufacturing time of this flashlight is 07/18/2017.

How does the Olight warranty work? Where do I send it for repair or replacement?
Please visit the product warranty page to know about the details of our warranty program. If any warranty service is needed, you can contact the seller/dealer to provide warranty service for you. We will provide service for the dealer. There is direct Olight support in the USA/Germany/Australia/UK, if you are in these countries, you can contact our service support. Any other issue, you can contact us.

Technology FAQs

What is the ANSI standard and how do Olight products comply with it?
In 2009 the American National Standards Institute published a standard called the ANSI/NEMA FL 1-2009 which has become widely accepted in this industry because this made comparisons among different flashlights easier. This defines how flashlight performance should be calculated in terms of beam distance, peak beam intensity, run time, and light output. Until now, most Olight flashlights and headlamps comply with ANSI/NEMA FL1-2009 standards in the aspect of performance testing.
Where do I find the specifications of Olight flashlights?
Detailed specifications can be found in their product pages on the official website, or their user manuals.
What type of material is used for your flashlights?
Most standard Olight flashlights or headlamps are made with aluminum alloy with type III hard anodizing for their main body, with a small number of special editions using stainless steel, copper, titanium, or other materials.
Are Olight flashlights waterproof?
The majority of Olight products are waterproof with different standards, which were given in the form of IPX followed by a number, i.e IPX8, IPX7 etc, among which IPX8 is the highest indicating that the product can be submersed up to two meters for 30 minutes without damage. These standards are shown in the product specifications section.
What batteries are used in your flashlights?
Olight products typically use Olight branded 18650 or CR123A/RCR123A Li-ion batteries as their power source and are included inside of the product. Other Li-ion batteries, i.e. 26650, built-in Lipo batteries, or AA, and AAA batteries are sometimes also used.
Do your flashlights come with batteries and a pocket clip?
Yes. Most Olight products have batteries included and provide necessary accessories such as a pocket clip, lanyard, charging cables, and so on.
I cannot turn on the flashlight when I received it. What’s wrong?
This may because of the protective film in the battery compartment to prevent drain during shipping. You will need to remove the protective film when you receive your product. Another reason may be that the flashlight is in lockout mode to prevent accidental triggering. Try to press and hold the side switch for over one or two seconds until the flashlight blinks once, and it will be back to normal use.
The brightness of my flashlight drops when it is turned on. What’s wrong?
It is normal for a flashlight to start dimming down after being on for a few minutes, especially when it is on a high mode typically over 500 lumens. It is intentionally designed in this way to prevent the light head from reaching a high temperature which could damage the product itself or pose danger to the user. The low battery could also be another possible reason.
I cannot remove the head of the flashlight/headlamp. What’s wrong?
Most Olight flashlights and headlamps use a uni-body structure which combines the components of the light into a whole, inseparable body, with only the tail cap removable to insert batteries. This structure greatly reduces the possibility of water damage and makes the build more robust.



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