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Product FAQ for Freyr 1750 lumens tactical LED Torch

Product FAQ for Freyr 1750 lumens tactical LED Torch

Aug 20, 2021, 00:00:00

Question1: What is special about the application of this flashlight??

Answer1: The Freyr is a dual-switch flashlight producing both white light and RGB lights. The three colored lights (red, green, blue), combined with a silicone homogenizer, can be easily used on special purposes such as night vision protection, investigation, or signaling. Moreover, the main white light boasts a maximum output of 1,750 lumens and a beam distance of up to 360 meters,which is a real tactical light.


Question2: What have we done based on flashlight safety?

Answer2: A light sensor is installed inside the lens. When the flashlight is working in high brightness, if the front of the lamp cap is blocked,which is in order to prevent the flashlight from lighting up automatically in the pocket, and prevent clothes from igniting automatically as temperature is too high, or the opposite strong light source (such as direct sunlight, street lamp, strong light flashlight, automobile headlamp, etc.) which will cause loss of vision, the brightness will automatically decrease. When the obstruction is removed or the opposite light source disappears, the brightness will be automatically restored.


Question3: Why doesn't my flashlight fade automatically?

Answer3: Water, dirt or scratches on the lens surface may cause the failure of the internal light sensor. Please keep the lens surface clean.


Question4: Why does the brightness of the white light decrease when it is used with silicone cover?

Answer4When the flashlight is used in conjunction with the silicone cover, the silicone cover will reflect light, causing the light sensor works, so the white light can only work at the low level.


Question5Why does my flashlight sensor doesn’t work sometimes?

Answer5: It depends on the sensing distance. And there are differences in the sensing distance of flashlight due to the different materials and surface colors of the objects (in the range of 3 ~ 50cm). The higher the reflection rate, the farther the sensing distance.


Question6What’s the difference between side switch and tail switch?

Answer6: The side switch can turn on both white light and colored light, but the tail switch can only turn on the white light.


Question7Is it dangerous to continue using the flashlight when the battery power is going to running out?

Answer7: There is no potential risk when the battery energy reduced (the indicator light is orange or red), but the output brightness will weaken. In this state, the light sensor will stop working and the output won’t be decreased due to obstruction or the opposite strong light.

Olight Freyr four-color torch


TAIL SWITCH ON/OFF: Single press the tail switch to turn the flashlight on or off. Half press for low white light, or full press for high white light.

MOMENTARY ON: Press the tail switch halfway and hold for a momentary low white light or fully press and hold for momentary high white light. Release the tail switch and the flashlight will turn off.

SIDE SWITCH ON/OFF: Single-click the side switch to turn the flashlight ON/OFF. When turned on, the colored light or moonlight used previously will be activated.

LIGHT COLOR CHANGE: When the light is already on, press and hold the side switch to automatically cycle through the red, green, blue, and moonlight. The current light mode is selected when the side switch is released.

WHITE LIGHT: Quickly double-click the side switch to access high white light, then cycle between high and low white light with each double click. When the flashlight is off, press and hold the side switch for about 1 second to access moonlight.

STROBE: Quickly triple-click the side switch to activate a white light strobe.

LOCKOUT/UNLOCK: When the light is off, press and hold the side switch for about 2 seconds to enter lockout mode after a short flash of moonlight. Under lockout mode, if you click the side switch or tail switch, the red indicator below the side switch will be on for two seconds to signal that the light is still in lockout mode. To exit lockout mode, press and hold the side switch for over 1 second until the light is on moonlight mode.

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