What Is The Colour Temperature Of Torches?

What Is The Colour Temperature Of Torches?

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1. The Definition

The color temperature refers to a method of measuring temperature, commonly used in the field of physics and astronomy. Its unit of measure is conventionally  expressed in “K”(Kelvin). This concept is based on an imaginary object that emits light of different colors when heated to different temperatures. Just like the heated iron, it first turns red, then yellow, and finally white.

2. Common color temperature

 Generally, the standard daylight from 10 am to 2 pm in a clear and cloudless sky without direct sunlight is about 5200~5500K;

 The color temperature of Summer sunlight  is 6500K or so;

 The daylight in a cloudy sky is around 6000K;

 The news P hotography L ight is about 3200K;

 The color temperature of standard tungsten filament lamps, light bulbs, and the tungsten filament lamps used in photo studios to take black and white photos is around 2800K. The photos taken in this case look yellowish after being expanded and printed due to the low color temperature.

 The candle flame is about 1800K.


The above picture shows the illumination effects of ceiling lamps with  different color temperatures.


3.The colour temperatures and applications of LED lamps



4. The color temperatures of Olight torches


Torches of CW(5700~6700K) are as follows:

6000-7000K: Baton 3 Warrior 3S Seeker 3 Pro Warrior X3 Warrior Mini2 Swivel, etc.

5700-6500K:S1R Baton Ⅱ S2R Baton Ⅱ, etc.

4300-5200K:Warrior x pro, etc

5000K:Olantern Mini, etc.

Torches of WW (2700~3700K) and NW (4000~5000K)


2700K:Obulb series


5. How to choose the color temperature?

 On the one hand, you can choose the color temperature based on the use environment.

The color temperature of cool white light is usually 5500-7500K, with high color reproduction but very dazzling, which is more suitable for used in exhibition halls and outdoors, etc.

The warm white light (2700-4000K) is ideal for the living room, porch, study, and other areas.

While in such an area as the bedroom, the warm white light  is appropriate. If the light is too bright, it will cause a  negative effect on people’s sleep quality.


 On the other hand, the color temperature can also be chosen according to the color of the decorations and furniture in your home. For example, if you use colorful paint to decorate the wall, then lights about 4000K is a great option . It will not make you feel dazzling, but also restore the color of the wall to the greatest extent.

And if the furniture in your home is  made of solid wood such as black walnut, cherry, and white oak, you can use the warm white lights around 3000 K  to vividly reflect the texture and color of the furniture.



Today the method of calculating the color temperature is uniform all over  the world.


However, the color temperature also varies on latitude and terrain. So the color temperature is different even  at the same local time. For example, the average color temperature seen daily is about 11000K in direct sunlight at low latitudes, so people in this area prefer high color temperature, which looks more realistic; while people in higher latitudes prefer  low color temperature.


Due to the different living habits formed from generation to generation, people’s preference for color temperature is various. Africans like high color temperature (9000-10000K), while the Europeans prefer low color temperature (3000K or so), and Asians like such a color temperature between 5500-6500K.

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