6 Hour Dog Rescue

A while ago, a friend of mine adopted a gorgeous greyhound named "Snappa". The poor thing didn't have a very happy life prior to rescue and she didn't have much trust for people or have much sense in general. After we got her back to his place and got her all settled, I went home. On my way home, my friend frantically called me saying she darted past him through the gate and straight into the bush across the road. I turned around and went straight back. It was 6pm, flogging down with rain and all I had on me was my trusty Car Kit, which was a small first aid kit, a few metres of paracord, a Spyderco PM2, an Olight S1R Baton II, and 2 spare IMR16340 batteries. My friend didn't even own a torch and was already in the bush with nothing but his phone light. After trudging through mud, bush and spiderwebs for close to 6 hours, I used my S1RB2 on high and turbo modes the entire time and was on my last battery. At around midnight and when my torch would no longer go into turbo mode, I found her curled up next to a tree, covered in mud, shivering and panting. It seemed like she had quite the adventure and actually seemed happy to see me. I whipped out my paracord, fashioned a leash and secured her, then called my friend to tell him the good news. It took about an hour to track our way out of the bush and back to his place. But once we made it back, we gave her a warm bath and a big dinner. She looked quite impressed with herself. The next day, I gave my friend an S1R Baton II and told him to make sure he’s always got access to a quality torch. He still has it today and loves it. The picture attached to this story is the same torch and batteries I used that night, they're still going strong and they still go with me everywhere. Snappa has since come out of her shell, loves people and is quite a character. Here's a recent picture of her being a typical happy greyhound, “roaching” on her favourite couch.

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Olight to the rescue!