How I got the Olight bug

My Olight journey started a couple of weeks before my birthday last year. My friend got me a present that I couldn't open till the day, so it sat on my shelf waiting. It was a birthday/Xmas present so I could tell it was pricey. All I knew was it had 'Seeker 2 Pro' on the parcel. Not being familiar with Olight back then, I had no idea what it could be and looking it up would ruin the surprise. Finally the day came to open it. My first thoughts were, this is probably just an overpriced torch. 10 months later, after being super impressed by the Seeker 2 Pro, I've added quite a few more Olights to my collection (pic included). Can't wait for AusPost to deliver my OD Marauder 2! My brother has just starting his collection too with an ocean camo M2R pro and an OD Marauder 2 as well. I'm sure there will be plenty more. Keep 'em coming Olight!

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Olight to the rescue!