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Well this addiction all started because of a camping trip earlier this year. I didnt have a torch so i asked my brother for one of his and was given a Blue M2R Pro Warrior and didnt think much of it. Got to camp set up and everything and relaxed until night time. Got the M2R out of the centre console and double clicked to get into turbo mode and quite literally flash banged myself shining the torch on a chrome piece of trim on the car. To say the least everyone on that trip was pleasantly surprised by how powerful these Olights were and in such a small package aswell. WAYYYYYYY better than those "10 million lumen" flashlights of wish.com. That trip i was bitten by the infamous Obug and every since then cant stop buying these amazing torches. The collection and addiction continues to grow. Got a few mates hooked on these as well.

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Olight to the rescue!