My Two Year Collection

It all started back in October 2019. I’m a member of the Royal Australian Navy and it is a requirement to carry a torch on you all time at sea. I use to own a $5 pen torch from Wish that took two AAA batteries and would only last roughly 15 minutes before dying. My mate noticed this one day and recommended I checked out this brand “Olight”. I hopped on and thought to myself “why would anyone ever spend this much on a torch?” I placed an order for a black M2R Pro and I3T bundle and quickly realised why. Since then I haven’t missed one sale and own over 70 torches. Most of them sit in my collection and a couple are used every day for work and general house duties. I carry an orange M2R Pro everyday for work and it has vastly improved how I am able to perform my job. I have no intentions of stopping adding to my collection. Some (like my parents) think it’s a weird hobby, but I know it brings many people joy and there is nothing like coming home to an Olight parcel waiting for you. I highly recommend Olight to anyone who asks me for suggestions and will continue to do so!

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Olight to the rescue!