Mice & Olights.

We are currently sharing our house with mice! (Not by choice) My Olights are priceless for getting up in the roof and setting up traps, poison, automatic lights, etc. Without them, I’d be using kerosene lamps and candles. My daughter and I are sitting in the lounge room the other day, she says “oh cute”. It’s a mouse cleaning it’s face outside our window, in the daytime! I ran out with my pocket knife, like it was going to stay still long enough for me to chop it in half, but it ran away. My wife isn’t bothered by them, she’ll sleep through an earthquake but they drive me nuts. When I take my M2R Pro into the roof, it quites them down for a while. I think they get temporarily blinded!? They won’t come into our actual house, the cats will eat them. We get a few male cats visiting us, (our cats) I’m surprised that they don’t get them. Anyway, that’s how I’m currently using my Olights, it’s a bloody nightly affair. I need to take my Marauder 2 into the roof and cook them!!! Side note: The new Seeker 3 Pro looks wicked. Top job Olight.??

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Olight to the rescue!