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Cool White Black Pocket Torches

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  1. Olight Baton Pro 2000 lumen rechargeable LED torch

    107g, 2000 Lumens: The Baton Pro is the newest version of our portable, rechargeable side-switch LED torch. Powered by a single 3500mAh 18650 customized lithium rechargeable battery and a high-efficiency LED, the Baton Pro deliver ...

  2. Olight H1 Nova 500 lumen compact LED headlamp and torch

    3 Review(s)

    49.5g, 500 Lumens: This tiny waterproof headlamp from Olight can be removed from the headband and used as an angle torch. It has a removeable pocket clip and magnetic tail for maximum versatility. The H1 is powered by a CR123A (in ...

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  3. Olight H1R Nova 600 lumen compact rechargeable LED headlamp and torch

    18 Review(s)
    51.5g, 600 Lumens: This tiny rechargeable and waterproof headlamp from Olight can be removed from the headband and used as an angle torch. It has a removable pocket clip and magnetic tail for maximum versatility. The H1R is powered b ...
  4. Olight H2R 2300 lumen rechargeable LED headlamp and angle torch

    33 Review(s)

    64g, 2300 Lumens: The H2R is Olight's first 18650 battery headlamp/angle light with a massive 2300 ANSI rated lumens. The CREE XHP50 LED in combination with a TIR bead lens delivers a perfectly balanced and even beam for maximum u ...

  5. Olight i3E EOS 90/120 lumen AAA LED keyring torch

    25 Review(s)

    7.9g, 90 Lumens: The i3E EOS is an extremely compact LED torch with a maximum 90 lumens running off of a single AAA battery. The torch features a high-performance Philips LUXEON TX LED and a PMMA TIR lens that focuses the light to ...

  6. Olight M1X Striker CREE XM-L2 1000 lumen tactical LED torch

    6 Review(s)

    80g, 1000 Lumens: The M1X Striker is an aggressive LED torch with a side and a rear switch. This light has five brightness levels from 0.5 lumens to 1000 lumens, plus a strobe mode and is powered by 2x CR123A lithium batteries or ...

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  7. Olight M2T Warrior 1200 lumen tactical LED torch

    3 Review(s)

    134g, 1200 Lumens: The M2T is the latest Warrior series torch from Olight. It is powered by a CREE XHP35 HD LED with an output range of 1 to 1,200 lumens. Users have access to momentary ON, standard ON/OFF, and strobe all through ...

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  8. Olight Perun 2000 lumen rechargeable LED right angle torch

    1 Review(s)

    120g, 2000 Lumens: The Perun is our latest rechargeable right angle light. It features a distance sensor for safety, a removeable bi-directional pocket clip and a magnetic tail. It can also be used as a headlamp with the o ...

  9. Olight R20 Javelot XP-L HI 900 lumen rechargeable LED torch

    7 Review(s)

    86g, 900 Lumens, 24,700cd: The R20 Javelot is a compact rechargeable led torch with a CREE XP-L HI emitter that has a maximum output of 900 lumens with a beam distance of 314 meters. It charges through a Micro-USB port on the side ...

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  10. Olight S2 Baton compact 950 lumen LED torch

    2 Review(s)

    50.5g, 950 Lumens: The S2 Baton (S2) is a new side switch LED torch powered by a single 18650 battery or two CR123A lithium batteries. It features a low-profile side switch, PMMA TIR lens, low battery indicator, removable pocket c ...

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  11. Olight S30R Baton III rechargeable 1050 lumen LED torch

    12 Review(s)

    110g, 1050 Lumens: The latest version of the S30R Baton is here: smaller, brighter, more efficient and faster to charge. Five modes plus strobe, timer function, magnetic tail, lock out mode and low battery indicator make this a gr ...

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11 Item(s)