▶ Separable Design

Ideal for nighttime writing and reading.

▶ Hands-Free Use In Pocket

The light is unblocked while clipped to a pocket Milled clip for a secure grip on your shirt pocket bag, and more.

▶ Better Writing Experience Details Bring Inspiration

The upgraded refill makes for a smoother writing experience.

▶ Present With Ease

Whether you’re writing, reading, or pointing out in a presentation, the O-pen Pro’s innovative 3-in-1 design including a pen, green laser, and a light will have you covered.

▶ Smooth L-Type Bolt Action Operation

Single bolt swing to access or recess the pen tip. Quickly tap up once to turn on the LED Slide up and hold to activate the pointer.

▶ Rechargeable EDC

With a built-in 110mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery.

▶  Reassuring Runtime

The light can run as long as 8 hours and can be fully charged in less than an hour.

▶  An Excellent Gift

Surprise him/her with stylish and practical gift.



Charge type
USB Charging Cable(A-C)
Compatible Batteries
3.7V 110mAh/407mWh Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery (Built-In)
Beam Distance(ft)
45.93 ft
Beam Distance(m)
Max. Performance (lumens)
120 lumens
Form/Size Factor
Small Size
LEVEL 1 (lumens)
120 lumens
Run-time LEVEL 1
23 minutes
LEVEL 2 (lumens)
60 lumens
Run-time LEVEL 2
45 minutes
LEVEL 3 (lumens)
20 lumens
Run-time LEVEL 3
120 minutes
LEVEL 4 (lumens)
5 lumens
Run-time LEVEL 4
8 hours
Weight (g / oz)
1.23oz/35g (Including Battery and Refill)
Head Diameter (mm / in)
6.02in/153mm (Tip Retracted)
Body Diameter (mm / in)
0.5 in (12.7 mm)
0.5 in (12.7 mm)
Carton Box
Everyday Carry, Camping, Outdoors, Household, EDC, General Use
Package Contents
Open Pro (Battery Built-in and Refill Included)×1 USB Charging Cable (A-C) ×1 Spare RF-OL182X BK Refill ×1 User Manual x 1
Average Rating
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Clever Pen.


Nov 19, 2021, 20:56:19

Wow this pen is unbelievable- better than expected, I’m not 1 for reading instructions so I like to work out how things work and when I got the light working I didn’t realise that it had 4 light levels and was super impressed when I figured out how to increase the levels ?, did not disappoint- sooo impressed!!! Great piece of gear. And the cat loves the green dot???


Nov 05, 2021, 23:06:12

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