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✔ Brightest Flashlight

The highest brightness level Olight ever produced reaching a max output of 25,000 lumens and max throw 630 meters. The X9R Marauder is the best option for intense output, long runtimes, and sustainable use for years to come.

✔ Various Selection

Battery level display while indicating an 8-level output selection.

✔ Efficient Heat Dissipation

Improved built-in heat dissipation system design for more effective cooling of the flashlight body.

✔ Fast Charging, Less Wasting

The car charger allows you to charge it quickly in your car or it can be fully charged in 4 hours using the included wall charger.

✔ Ergonomic Design, Hands-Free

Ergonomic design - Milled finger groovesshoulder strap, and concealable strap holes for convenient and comfortable use.

✔ Strong Waterproof

Harsh environments cannot stop your steps. IPX7 is waterproof to accompany you anywhere.

✔ Special Color

The color of the endless deep sea, capturing the spirit of freedom with calmness.

✔ Heavy Duty Case

Shock-proof, Waterproof, Dustproof, keep all in order and perfect for outdoor adventures.


Olight brightest rechargeable flashlight promise

Charge type
DC Adapter
Compatible Batteries
Integrated Battery Pack (Eight 18650 Rechargeable Lithium Batteries Included)
Light Intensity (candela)
99,200 candela
Mode Operation
Side Switch
Beam Distance(ft)
2,067 ft
Beam Distance(m)
Max. Performance (lumens)
Form/Size Factor
Full Extreme Size
Series X (Extreme Performance)
Light Form
6 x Cree XHP70.2 CW
Lens / Reflector Type
Orange-peel Reflector - Central Area Big And Flood Area
LEVEL 1 (lumens)
25,000~6400 lumens
Run-time LEVEL 1
3 minutes + 100 minutes
LEVEL 2 (lumens)
12,800~6400 lumens
Run-time LEVEL 2
10 minutes + 90 minutes
LEVEL 3 (lumens)
6,400 lumens
Run-time LEVEL 3
2 hours
LEVEL 4 (lumens)
3,200 lumens
Run-time LEVEL 4
4 hours
Yes, 12800 lumens, 13H
Run-time LEVEL 5
8 hours
LEVEL 5 (lumens)
1,600 lumen
LEVEL 6 (lumens)
800 lumen
LEVEL 7 (lumens)
400 lumen
LEVEL 8 (lumens)
200 lumen
Run-time LEVEL 6
12 hours
Run-time LEVEL 7
19 hours
Run-time LEVEL 8
27 hours
Weight (g / oz)
65.43 oz (1,855 g)
Length (mm / in)
12.6 in (320 mm)
Head Diameter (mm / in)
3.94 in (100 mm)
Body Diameter (mm / in)
2.24 in (57 mm)
Carrying Case (Waterproof, Dustproof, Shock-proof)
Search And Rescue, Hunting, Military, Special Operations, Marine, Camping
Flashlight Olight X9R x 1
Carrying Case x 1
Shoulder Strap x 1
DC 16.8V 2A Wall Power Adapter x 1
DC 16.8V 1.5A Car Charger x 1
User Manual x 1
Average Rating
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This torch was that bright it gave the neighbours welding flash and scolded the roos on the golf course at 400m. big boys toys


Jan 24, 2021, 11:45:22

THE ULTIMATE FLASHLIGHT by a mile! The X9R will put a smile on your dial & get your adrenaline pumping! This Olight masterpiece blows everything away in the industry - superior, prestige, heirloom quality product. Built for the toughest industry applications, AND easily takes centre-stage on the mantlepiece! Supercars, Superyachts ...Supertorch! Instant daylight! Olight, this is a winner! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED where ONLY the best will do. Well done & Thankyou Olight Team! Champions!


Jun 26, 2019, 02:17:15

The X9R is a monster, there is no other way to describe it. From the rubberised and contoured finger spaces to the blue LED readout showing power level and battery level; this thing is perfection. The case it comes in is a very nice touch and feels strong and honestly very useable. Lighting levels are great, the lowest level will cast a nice glow over my entire yard, nothing that will upset next door but is more than enough to flood with a nice light level, then you work your way up to Turbo and all of a sudden my neighbours are coming out in to the front yard trying to make sense as to how the street is lit up like midday at 2100hrs at night! This should be standard issue to Fire departments and the SES... I'm just going to have a lot of fun camping and fishing off shore with it!


Jul 16, 2018, 00:56:18

I waited a long time for the X9R and have to say it is one of the best flashlights i have ever used .The light screams quality The body is built like a tank and it has a great finger grip on the back with leds that light up to show you battery and power levels .What i really like about the light is battery life .On 3200lumens you get 4 hrs and 6400 you get 2 now thats alot of run time for such high lumen output.Also when you hit the turbo and engage 25,000 lumens its incredible .Literally lit up a whole park with it the other night .Cant say enough good things about this flashlight and Olight as a company .The Olight X9R Marauder was well worth the wait !.


Jul 27, 2018, 01:41:09

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