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Olight Seeker 2 Pro rechargeable LED Torch + Spare L-Dock bundle


198g, 3200 Lumens: The Seeker 2 pro is a powerful, rechargeable side-switch LED torch. Powered by a single 5000mAh 21700 customized lithium rechargeable battery that helps this light deliver a maximum output of 3200 lumens. It uses high-quality LEDs paired with a TIR optic lens, providing a perfect medium and close-range illumination experience. Charging cable and L-Dock included! FREE SHIPPING.

The Seeker 2 pro features a large side switch located near the head of the light for comfortable thumb operation and indicators on both sides of the switch clearly display the battery power and brightness level. With milled finger grooves and dermatoglyphic silicone, the Seeker 2 pro is ergonomically designed to be extremely comfortable and provides a non-slip grip.

The Seeker 2 pro includes a 1.15m long 1A magnetic USB cable. The provided L-dock can be attached to or fixed on a wall close to a power source for quick and easy access. Compatible with most USB power sources, the magnetic charging cable is convenient to use, making it an ideal illumination kit to be used at home, outdoors, or while on duty.

Key Features:

  • Compact size with powerful performance: incredibly delivers a maxmum output of 3,200 lumens and a long beam distance of 250 meters, providing you a new flagship-level illumination experience.
  • Convenient L-dock included: can be attached to or fixed (3M tape included) on a wall or table indoors that is close to a power source, providing a dedicated charging location for your Seeker 2 pro.
  • Visual display indicators on both sides of the switch: the four indicators on the right side clearly display the battery level and the four on the left side display the brightness level.
  • Milled finger grooves and dermatoglyphic silicone are used on the surface of the holding position, making it soft and anti-slip.
  • Customized high capacity 21700 lithium rechargeable battery: currently the highest 5000mAh battery in its size for great runtimes.


  • LEVEL 1: 3200 lumens (2minutes) then drops to 600 lumens (150 minutes)
  • LEVEL 2: 1200 lumens (110 minutes) then drops to 600 lumens (30 minutes)
  • LEVEL 3: 300 lumens (9.5 hours)
  • LEVEL 4: 50 lumens (50 hours)
  • LEVEL 5: 5 lumen (12 days)
  • Strobe: Yes
  • Max Beam Distance: 250m
  • Light Intensity (candela): 15,600
  • Waterproof: IPX8
  • Weight: 198g
  • Length: 128mm
  • Head Diameter: 35mm
  • Body Diameter: 28mm

In the box:

  • Torch (Battery included)×1
  • MCC1AL 1.15m Magnetic Charging Cable ×1
  • Self-Adhesive 3M × 2
  • L-dock Charging × 1 Set (includes holder, adhesive,and screw)
  • Holster ×1
  • Cleaning Cloth ×1
  • User Manual x 1


Manufacturer recommendation: Install on a flat and high-density surface, mounted in the shape of an inverted "L". When charging, the flashlight and L-Dock should be setup away from high traffic areas in order to avoid being knocked loose and damaging the light or L-dock. The included MCC is 1.2 meters long to allow for easier mounting locations near a power source.

Tools: Phillips head screwdriver, drill ( 6mm head diameter ), hammer.

Note: 1. The drill and hammer are only used on cement or a ceramic tile wall. If you install it on wood surface, please skip the 1, 2 steps. 2. The 3M tape on the back of L-dock is just for auxiliary installation, can not be used for a long time.

1. DO NOT drill holes in the area where electrical cables may be behind. This may result in damage to the wiring, electric shock or the risk of injury or even death.
2. DO NOT directly attach the L-dock to the wall with 3M tape. Its adhesive strength is not powerful enough to last for a long time, the product may fall down after a period of time.
3. DO NOT install in places that are above fragile objects or surfaces, heavy objects, or people and pets. If it is mounted or used carelessly, the flashlight may fall off magnetic base and cause damage or injury.
4. DO NOT install in flammable and explosive places, such as oil stations, gas stations, mining sites, dust or metal workshops.
5. Keep out of reach of children.
1.Not suitable for bumpy environments, such as in a car.
  1. AWESOME!! review by Eli on 16/05/2019

    Another great product from Olight! Seeker 2 pro is a minni wall of light in a pocket-sized package i love the battery and lumen indicators along with the silicone rubber grip which should be on more flashlights my X7R would be perfect with it (HINT HINT OLIGHT) hangs nicely from wall dock/charger and is always ready to go beside bed second dock is in shed with M2R WARRIOR
    Seeker 2 pro is as close to perfection in a pocket thrower as you'll get in my opinion

  2. Great flashlight for caving review by Suzy on 2/05/2019

    My husband and I took this flashlight traveling with us over the Easter holidays and it didn’t leave my pocket once. The amount of power for such a small flashlight is really impressive. We went caving and found the beam would light up the entire cave. Very cool! It’s also worth mentioning how handy it was having the dock in the car to keep the flashlight charged throughout the trip.

  3. Impressive size to weight ratio review by Thomas on 2/05/2019

    Really happy with my Seeker 2 Pro! Smaller then my old R50 yet packed with a bunch more features. I found the feedback LED’s showing the battery and brightness levels really well done. I hope they continue this on future models. I have to say OLight knocked this one out of the park. Well done guys!

  4. An incredible home and EDC torch, with a spare dock! review by Pejhman on 2/05/2019

    I received a review sample of this torch, and I must admit I was blown away.
    The build quality is absolutely solid, with good weighting in hand. I quite like the silicon grip - very secure and very comfortable. The mode and battery life indicators are a step up from most other torches, taking their cues from the X9R.

    This thing puts out a lot of light. Some have complained that it doesn't run at its highest mode for a longer time, but I don't mind this at all. If I need 3200 lumens, I would usually only need it for a few minutes at most. It'll sustain output over 1000 lumens for far longer, and I find that's more than enough for anything I use it for. They've provided you with the option to put out 3200 lumens in the event that you really need it (to check a field, or show off), while providing reasonably spaced modes for actual use. The only difference between Olight and other manufacturers on that point is that Olight is honest about that output, so you know exactly what you get at every point.

    The included L-dock is brilliant, especially as it charges almost all of the other magnetically charging lights from Olight. This kit includes two of them, so you can have one at home and another at work. It's great that this is an all-in-one kit which is still interchangeable with other Olight lights, so that it works either for somebody who just needs one torch, or somebody who has a bunch of them. Olight may very well have designed the perfect home flashlight, and then made it EDC-able. Some may see this as being expensive for a flashlight, and objectively this is somewhat true - you can get cheaper flashlights that simply put out light (even from Olight). However, this is more of a complete flashlight system - you're getting a high capacity battery, a charging system, a dock, and then a very-well built, powerful flashlight with an enhanced control and mode/battery indication system built in. You also get the insanely good service and support from Olight Australia, which is the best I've ever experienced (for any product, not just lights). In many ways, the final product is more than the sum of its parts. If you're after your first light for your house that virtually does it all, get it without hesitation. If you have many lights and are considering it, it's an absolute contender, and a great middle point between power and versatility.

    I think at the regular price, it's a good investment (even if it means hesitating, considering the budget and saving towards it). I've given it a 5-star price rating on the kit, because including the spare L-dock makes it exceptionally worthwhile. However, at the flash sale price, it's a no-brainer and a steal. Get one and bask in its awesomeness.

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