▶ Funny Roly-Poly Light

The Obulb is a portable orb LED light with both warm white and red light. Obulb can be batted without rolling away like a roly-poly toy.

▶ Small But Robust

The Obulb is 1.5-metre impact-resistant and IPX7 waterproof, making it a good pool light and game partner. And it fits well in pockets or backpacks, easy to carry around or store

▶ Magnetic Bottom And Adhesive Metal Badge

Magnetic bottom, along with the adhesive metal badge, can attach tightly to almost anything.

▶ 4 Changing Modes

4 modes, including warm white light (55 / 3.5 lumens), 7 lumens red light (steady or flashing), good for multiple purposes. 4 modes come in handy for various situations, like camping, hiking, night work, emergency lighting, signaling, ambience lighting, and party decoration.

▶ Portability

2.13in diameter and 1.94oz/55g in weight, convenient for one-handed hold and easy to carry.

▶ Lighting By Your Side

Obulb shines for a good family time and explores more fun.