▶Top Features And Appearance

The M2R Pro Ocean Camouflage is the newest version of OLIGHT two-button straight tactical flashlight.The M2R Pro shocking new ocean color scheme,Powerful function and beautiful appearance!

▶Upgrading Of Function

The maximum output and distance reaching 1800 lumens and 300 meters.A new generation of more powerful flashlights.

▶Small But Mighty

It features a single 5000mAh  21700 rechargeable lithium battery and TIR lens for uniform light.The max runtime doubles to 50 days.

▶Excellent Design

Updated quiet magnetic metal tailswitch provides easier operation in gloves and tailstanding.Two selectable user modes for dual position tailswitch.

▶Hands-Free Convenience

The M2R Pro Camouflage with  pocket clip can be attached to belts, pockets, and backpacks for easy carrying, or attached to the brim of your hat as a convenient headlight.