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Olight HS2 400 lumen USB rechargeable LED headlamp


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115g, 400 Lumens: The HS2 is designed for running and hiking. It has two LEDs - one for close range and one for further range. It has four output levels, battery level indication and a unique audible beep to let you know when the battery is getting low. The battery connection is USB so you can also power the light from a powerbank giving more lighting options.


  • Lightweight but durable aluminium construction perfect for running and hiking
  • Dual-LED lens system allows for optimal up-close and far-range illumination
  • Light's head pivots vertically 180° for multiple lighting angles
  • Large push button switch for easy activation and cycling between outputs
  • Brightness level changes gradually between outputs to allow user's eyes to adjust
  • Micro-USB-rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery pack can run headlamp for up to 18 hours on a single charge
  • Pack comes with LED power indicator and audible low power indicator to keep track of remaining charge
  • Headlamp can work while being plugged into a power bank if battery pack is dead
  • Reflective headband can be seen easily in the dark
  • Comes with Olight's 5 Year Warranty
  • Included Accessories:
    • 2 x Replacement Cable Clip
    • 1 x 1.5-Meter Micro-USB Charging Cable
    • 1 x Carrying Pouch


  • LED: 2 x CREE XP-G2 LED (Cool White)
  • Power Source: 1 x 2000mAh 3.7V Lithium Polymer (Li-Poly) Battery Pack (Included)
  • Peak Beam Distance: 85 meters (278.9 ft.)
  • Peak Beam Intensity: 1800 cd
  • Brightness Outputs:
    • Turbo - 400 Lumens - 2 Hours 12 Min.
    • High - 200 Lumens - 4 Hours 30 Min.
    • Medium - 100 Lumens - 9 Hours
    • Low - 50 Lumens - 18 Hours
  • IPX Rating: IPX-8 (Protected against splashing water from all directions)
  • Impact Resistance: 1 meter
  • Dimensions (Headlamp):
    • Length - 45 mm
    • Width - 23 mm
    • Height - 24 mm
  • Dimensions (Battery Pack):
    • Length - 71 mm
    • Width - 42 mm
    • Height - 19 mm
  • Weight: 115 g
  1. At last I have what I have been looking for review by Peter on 9/01/2019

    Saw the advert pop up on Facebook so I had a look. I have read a lot of reports from hunters about the Olight, so I brought one to try. Now I use it every day and even use it to read by in bed of an evening. It is so light that you forget that you are wearing it. But the best thing about it is the quality of the light emitted, it is brilliant.

  2. Very good on all features. review by Pete on 9/11/2018

    Pretty hard to improve on the review by Neil, above.
    I heartily agree with his comments and would keenly recommend this product.
    Very well designed and built.

  3. Smicko! review by Swampy on 13/09/2018

    As with all Olight products I’ve bought. Simply perfect

  4. HS2 headlamp review review by Neil on 28/10/2017

    Like many people, my introduction to portable LED lighting was via those alloy torches fitted with 9 leds that were usually (and still are) available from Service stations.
    When introduced, these were considered a great alternative to regular bulb style torches, with long battery life, extremely white light and no filament to burn out, they were streets ahead of the bulb alternatives but admittedly, they had some shortcomings.
    The light they provided while bright and very “white” didn’t travel very far so they were mostly used for car repairs and other close range work.
    Fast forward 10 years to today and my how things have changed, with the all-important introduction of the “cree” led the current range of torches of this type leave filament bulb type torches completely obsolete.
    I have been asked to review one of the new generation of such lights, the o-light HS2 which is of the head-lamp type configuration.
    When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised to see it included a few things in the box, a carry case, charging lead, clear instructions and spare wire clips all were supplied as standard.
    After quickly charging the battery pack with the supplied USB lead, I keenly set about running through the various operations this little dynamo was capable of.
    With a single push on the high quality switch the headlamp comes on to its default mode, this is with both cree chips, located in the small reflector unit, to come on at maximum power.
    With a double tap of the power switch the modes are changed from one or the other cree chip (one is designed for short ranges, the other for longer) or back to both chips being used at once.
    With a quick single push of the button, each mode can also be switched between full or half power, essentially giving you 6 different power settings to choose from and with a quick press of the button 3 times there is even a flashing SOS option. A single long push of the button turns the unit off.
    I have now used this lightweight unit a few times in my preferred outdoor activity of late night fox hunting, and while not designed primarily for this purpose (it’s actually aimed at joggers and bushwalkers I believe ) it performed admirably when searching for elusive downed foxes in long grass. I should clarify, I did not use the HS2 for finding or shooting foxes under light as I use night vision but there are times when I need to see clearly what I’m doing such as loading magazines, changing batteries and searching for downed quarry.
    All of these functions are best suited to different power levels and with the 6 offered in this unit I could certainly always find one to best suit my needs.
    The manufacturers claim 2 hrs 12 minutes on high setting with a full charge and up to 18 hours on the lowest setting which by my use I can say would be about right.
    The battery unit itself has 4 small led indicators which light up at the touch of a small button beside them to show the amount of charge remaining in the battery, there is even a small audible alarm to tell you when the battery is almost flat that can be silenced with a push of the battery button.
    The unit on high power certainly throws out some decent light, considering the small size of the LED reflector there were occasions when 80 meters were lit up at night (I checked with a range finder) so when the need arises long distances can be seen.
    The unit was certainly light and comfortable to wear with the total weight being a tiny 115 grams so wearing it for extended periods wasn’t a problem.
    In the end, I am very impressed by this unit and would not hesitate to recommend it to hunters, bushwalkers or anyone else using it in the great outdoors but as I’m a mechanical fitter by trade I could see many uses in the workshop, around the home or even in the glovebox of the car for the unexpected events such as flat tyres or car trouble on poorly lit roads.
    The appointment of www.olightstore.com.au as an official Australian distributor can only make the purchase and any aftermarket service required easier for Aussie buyers.

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