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Olight H16 Wave 500 lumen rechargeable dual beam LED headlamp


115g, 500 Lumens: The Olight H16 Wave Motion Activated Headlamp features two bright CREE XP-G3 LEDs and runs on a built-in rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery pack. The Wave control lets the user turn the headlamp on and off with a simple wave of a hand! This hands-free activation prevents your light from getting dirty while you continue to focus on the task in front of you. And for those who prefer the hands-on approach, the manual activation button is located centrally on the face of the headlamp. USB rechargeable with a Dual beam output.


  • Hand-Wave On/Off control for easy activation
  • Rear-located battery pack keeps the light balanced comfortably on your head
  • Blue LEDs indicate the remaining battery levels and an audible warning beep will sound when your battery drops to 10 percent
  • The headlamps head features three adjustable levels up to 45°
  • Reflective stripes on the headband increase overall visibility of the user
  • Two LEDs provide you with a Focused Beam combined with a Flood Beam
  • Body is constructed of durable PC and Aluminium Alloy materials
  • Comes with Olight's 2 Year Warranty (1 Year for the Battery Pack)
  • Package Contains:
    • 1 x Olight H16 Flashlight
    • 1 x 2000mAh 3.7V Lithium Polymer Battery (built-in)
    • 1 x Micro-USB Charging Cable
    • 1 x Headband
    • 2 x Cable Clips
    • 1 x User Manual


  • LED: 2 x CREE XP-G3
  • Power Source: 1 x Built-in 2000mAh Lithium Polymer Battery Pack
  • Peak Beam Distance: 100 meters
  • Peak Beam Intensity: 2500 cd
  • Brightness Outputs:
    • Mode 1 500 Lumens → 350 Lumens - 5 Minutes → 2.00 Hours
    • Mode 2 100 Lumens - 9.50 Hours
    • Mode 3 5 Lumens - 160 Hours
  • IPX Rating: IPX4
  • Headlamp Dimensions:
    • Length - 58 mm
    • Width - 38 mm
    • Height - 24 mm
  • Battery Pack Dimensions:
    • Length - 71.12 mm
    • Width - 41.91 mm
    • Height - 19.05 mm
  • Weight: 115 g
  1. Definitely worth the cost. I’ll be buying more! review by Claire on 25/11/2018

    We’re off grid solar and headtorches are lyfe. My hubby has always had LED Lenser rechargeables and I must say, their latest H14R quality is on par with this Olight model I bought nearly four months ago.
    I really LOVE the fact the Wave 500s are super quick to recharge (though I try not to let it get to beeping stage). It takes about 3.5hrs to fully compared to hubby’s 12hrs. His torch gets a stronger/ longer battery time on medium or low but the cost was $220 compared to the $70 I paid (love the specials lol). I think this model is ideal for me. I hardly use it on high- like other reviewers, I found it gets super hot after only 10mins and it chews the battery. I once had it on high as I was working outside and it was beeping after only 2hrs. Started out fully charged. I don’t if it was too hot or genuinely dead though. Tbh, the medium beam is bright enough and it will last about 4-5hrs from a full recharge. I typically have mine on low/ medium and it will last me a few days. I love the fact it can be charged off a dual plug in the ute or at home, while I use the 2.1amp USB for my phone, I have the torch on the 1amp USB. As they’re super lightweight, I’ll definitely buy more for the family - they’re well suited to children, too.
    My minor whinges: First is that you can’t focus the beam to a point which is a pain if I’m trying to see foxies down at the chook shed.
    Secondly, the on/off button is below the lights and I find it annoying because it’s constantly getting caught in my curly hair. And it hurts to adjust the beam with it. I haven’t played around with the wave function- I think that will chew the battery but it would probably solve my hair gripe.
    Nevertheless, this is a decent model that isn’t super heavy, has been stood on by a cow and washed up okay and cheap for its performance. Defs recommend.

  2. THE Best Head-Torch Ever review by Jack on 16/10/2018

    Absolutely love this high-tech head torch : ) great design by olight works so well hands free brilliant feature. Keep up the awesome work. O-Light are the best.

  3. Excellent multi purpose headlight. review by The Gundaroo Ghost. on 13/09/2018

    I bought 3 of these headlights for the boys and I to use as required around the farm. I have got to say I am impressed. Very impressed !! The three light intensity settings give you a great choice of options to cover most jobs and the hands free option is brilliant when doing messy jobs at night such as delivering calves, pump repairs , vermin control etc. A big thank you to the staff at Olight Australia for their excellent and prompt support when required.Great crew with great products.Highly recommended to all.

  4. Excellent review by J. on 15/05/2018

    My first headlamp and suprised how comfortable when worn. It's bright and easy to use. The wave function a bonus.

  5. H16 Wave review by EDS on 15/04/2018

    Well built, head band very comfortable. Works very well on low, med, high. Wave feature also works well on all three levels. Only negative comment I have, is that on High it gets quite hot.

  6. A quality product review by Stephen on 13/03/2018

    This is my first headlamp, it’s very functional and a good quality piece.

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