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Olight 63mm filter: red, green, blue or diffused


Olight 21mm Orange Traffic Wand for S1, S1R or S1A TW1-O

Olight 40mm filter: red, green, blue or diffused


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Made of rugged TPU, these filters slip over the head of the torch and are available in red, green and blue colours as well as a white diffuser. Suitable for torches with a 39-41mm head like the Olight M22 Warrior, R40 Seeker, S80 Baton or M21-X Warrior,

Key Features:

  • Constructed of rugged TPU with a lanyard hole
  • Available with red, green and blue colored filters and a white diffuser

FM21/DM21 Filters are compatible with:

Should be compatible with other 39-41mm torches.

Please Note: Descriptions for each filter are provided below, please select the colour from the options (below).

FM21-R - Red Filter

Red light is generally used for protecting your natural night vision. Used by aircraft personnel, the military and hunters to avoid spooking game, deer and other animals that see very poorly in the red colour spectrum, also ideal for fishing as it attracts young fish and does not reflect off the water surface. The filter is also useful for close range, non-tactical applications such as map reading as it reduces the intensity of light output. However it is close to infra-red band so an enemy with a night-vision devices has a better chance of seeing the "hot-spot".

FM21-G - Green Filter

Green light is especially useful in sharpening outlines. The human eye is most sensitive to the green range of light, it's the brightest of all the colours but this also makes it easier for others to see you. For self protection it provides an added glare effect and is invisible to wild animals. Green light also does not attract insects like white or yellow light does. It is also useful in smoke or fog filled environments.

FM21-B - Blue Filter

Blue is well suited for use in law enforcement as it increases visibility of sweat and blood. It also aids in the tracking of animals. But is not as good at protecting your own natural night vision. The filter is also useful for close range, non-tactical applications such as map reading as it reduces the intensity of light output.

DM-21 - White Diffuser (included with M22 Warrior)

Converts the normal torch beam into a wide angle flood beam good for closes up work, wide area lighting, reading etc.

Product Features

Available in red, green, blue or white (please select from colour options available below)

Friction fit

  1. Great Filters review by Stu on 20/12/2018

    Great filters, solid construction, good quality.

    Won't let you down in the bush and the colour clarity is very good.
    You don't' loose much in the way of intensity or distance compared to white light if using this product.

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