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Product FAQ for Olight Javelot Turbo Rechargeable LED Torch with 1300 Lumens

Product FAQ for Olight Javelot Turbo Rechargeable LED Torch with 1300 Lumens

Aug 20, 2021, 00:00:00

As a echargeable LED Torch up to 1300 lumens and 1300 Beam Distance, Olight Javelot Turbo is one of the most bestseller in Olightstore and receive positive feedback from large number of our customers. At the same time, we get to know that our customers still have some questions for the Javelot Turbo during prYouactice. So let's see the following FAQ!  


Question 1: Why does my flashlight turn dim automatically?

Answer 1: There are two situations that flashlight will turn dim automatically. The first one is when the temperature is higher than the preset, the brightness will be reduced automatically. Also, If the battery power is low, the brightness will be reduced automatically. 


Question 2: Are battery packs of javelot turbo and javelot Pro interchangeable?

Answer 2: Unfortunately they are not.


Question 3: What are the advantages of Javelot Turbo comparing with Javelot Pro?

Answer 3: The beam distance has been furthered from 1080 to 1300 meters. The two 5000mAh 21700 battery pack replaces the previous two 3500mAh 18650 battery,which allows longer runtime. Last but not least, Javelot turbo is more reliable with a magnetic lock tail.


Question 4: How do I determine the remaining battery power of the product?

Answer 4: The indicator at the center of the side switch clearly displays the batter life with a green(>60%), orange(10%~60%), or red color(5%~10%).


Question 5: What is the effect of ambient temperature on the use of flashlight?

Answer 5: When the ambient temperature is below 0 ℃, the maximum brightness is limited to 500 lm. You can preheat the flashlight to avoid the maximum brightness limitation.


Question 6: I am going to have a hunting activity, should I add a Javelot Turbo to my bag?

Answer 6: Yes, of course. The Javelot Turbo, with lumens and 1300 Beam Distance, is one of Olight’s best illumination tool for hunting or search and rescue. With IPX8 waterproof and 1-meter stockproof to withstand any harsh conditions.

Olight Javelot Turbo over 1000 lumens LED torch



Constant Low Mode: Quickly half-press the tail switch to produce a low light output (15 lumens) or turn the light off (if already on).

Momentary Low Mode: Half-press and hold the tail switch to enter Momentary on mode and release the tail switch to exit the mode.

Constant Turbo Mode: Quickly full-press the tail switch to enter Turbo (1300 lumens) or turn the light off (if already on). To exit turbo mode, full-press the tail switch again.

Momentary Turbo Mode: Full-press and hold down the switch to enter Momentary Turbo on mode. Release the switch to exit turbo mode.


Press and hold the side switch to turn the flashlight on or off. When turning on, the brightness level is memorized as the last output selected when the light was turned off via the side switch.

When turning on, single click the side switch to change modes. Single click the side switch to cycle through the brightness levels. Starting from the present brightness,the output brightness will enter the next high brightness according to the preset order. When the output is in Turbo, single click the side switch to enter the low mode (15 lumens).

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