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Product FAQ for Odin Turbo 330 Lumens Rail-Mounted LEP Tactical Light

Product FAQ for Odin Turbo 330 Lumens Rail-Mounted LEP Tactical Light

Aug 20, 2021, 00:00:00

Question 1: What rail is Odin Turbo compatible with?

Answer 1: Designed for PICATINNY (Picatinny rail) rail long gun, optional ODIN MINI adapter to fit M-LOK rail. The factory default configuration PICATINNY adapter (applicable to PICATINNY rails).

If installed in M-LOK equipment, users need to purchase M-LOK adapter for using.For Keymod rails,users need to purchase matching mount from the market. The product package contains adapter, screws and Allen wrench accessories.


Question 2Is Remote Pressure Switch the same as Odin/Odin mini?

Answer 2Odin Turbo uses the same three-in-one multi-function tail cap as the Odin/Odin mini, also uses same remote pressure switch as Odin.


Question 3Can i control the high or low mode when using remote switch?What mode the light would stay when connect with remote swithc?

Answer 3: The remote pressure switch offers momentary on/off by holding the switch down to turn the Olight Odin Turbo on, and releasing it to turn the light off. Press and hold the switch (above 0.25 seconds) to light up, press the switch (within 0.25 seconds) to quickly release it to keep constant brightness.Product only be high with remote pressure switch unless the it's low battery.


Question 4What battery does Odin turbo use?

Answer 4: The Odin Turbo comes with an Olight 21700 battery, and will not work with any other batteries. 


Question 5Why does my flashlight turn dim suddenly, and there is no reaction when I switch the brightness mode?

Answer 5: When the battery power is low, the LED output is limited to 90 lumens, and a quick double tap (or multiple taps) will not change the brightness.


Question 6Why does my flashlight start vibrating?

Answer 6: The low battery warning system is activated when the battery reaches certain power thresholds:

  • Power less than 20% will have a vibration every 5 minutes

  • Power less than 10% a vibration per minute

  • Power less than 5% the warrior will vibrate 6 times per 10 seconds

Odin Turbo 330 Lumens Rail-Mounted LEP Tactical Light


Click the tail switch lightly to produce a low light output or press the tail switch hard to produce a high light output.

Single click (click and release quickly) the tail switch to turn the flashlight on or off.

When you press and hold the switch, the flashlight will be in momentary mode; when you release the tail switch, it will turn off.

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