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1 mins Fast Know! How to Solve the failure of Olight Obulb?

1 mins Fast Know! How to Solve the failure of Olight Obulb?

Aug 20, 2021, 00:00:00

Question1: Can the Obulb be charged with the 1/1.5/2 A charger? Do any other MCC cables work?

Answer1: Obulb can only use the designated charging cable MCC 1A , charging with other charging cables may cause abnormal indicator lights. MCC3 and MCA are compatible accessories for Obulb. When you use them to charge, it can be fully charged in two hours. After being fully charged, the indicator light may be abnormal, including the situation where the light does not turn and the light flickers. This situation also indicates that the battery is fully charged.


Question 2: Why Obulb has a sound emitted when on? My bulb does it on every mode except low/moonlight. Is that normal?

Answer 2: This is the sound of an electric current, which can only be heard when it is very quiet. And this is normal, no worries.


Question 3: What's special about the appearance design of Obulb?

Answer 3: The Obulb only measures 2.13inch in diameter and 1.94oz/55g in weight, convenient for one-handed hold and easy to carry around. Also, the product adopts the tumbler design. No matter how it falls, the product will still stand on the ground instead of rolling everywhere.


Question 4: Why is the product suitable for various situations?

Answer 4: Because there 4 modes including warm white light (55 / 3.5 lumens), 7 lumens red light (steady or flashing), good for multiple purposes, such as

general illumination, ambience lighting and decoration.


Question 5: Why claim Obulb as a companion light?

Answer 5: Thanks to the magnetic bottom and adhesive metal badge, the Obulb can attach to almost anything at any angle. After fully charged via magnetic charging cable within 2 hours, the built-in 630mAh rechargeable battery allows up to 56 hours of runtime. So it can be used in tons of situations and anytime,which is equal to companion .


Question 6: Can the Obulb reach IPX7 waterproof under any circumstances?

Answer 6: The design of product has reached IPX7 waterproof. It will float on the water during daily use. It is completely waterproof when it is occasionally exposed to water when playing. However, when the product is beaten or fallen violently, it may affect the waterproof performance and cause water damage. It is recommended not to force it to work underwater after it is violently fallen or beaten. 


Question 7: What color does the Obulb have?

Answer 7: We have Red, Orange, Green, Grey and Pink Obulb now, which are suitable for decoration or kids' toys.

Olight Obulb 55 Lumens Family Light

olight obuddy

Olight Obulb Charger - Obuddy


The button is located at the bottom of the product. It can be operated by pressing the flat part of the bottom, or by pressing the top of the cover provided that the product sits securely on a hard surface.

ON/OFF: Single click the button to turn the light on/off.

CHANGE OUTPUT: When the light is on, press and hold the button to circle through warm white light (low), warm white light (high), red light, flashing red light.

WARM WHITE LIGHT (LOW): When the light is off, press and hold the button for less than 2 seconds to access warm white light (low) directly.

LOCK/UNLOCK: When the light is off, press and hold the button for over 2 seconds, the light will be locked out after a short flash. Under the lockout mode, if press the button for less than 2 seconds, the light will be on with low white light momentarily. To exit the lockout mode, press and hold the button for over 2 seconds until the light is on with low white light after a quick blink.

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