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Olight Colour Series— Orange LED Flashlight For You

Olight Colour Series— Orange LED Flashlight For You

Aug 20, 2021, 00:00:00


When the BATON3 is put in the storage box, it will automatically recognize and start charging, and automatically turn off the charging after taking it out; put the BATON3 in the lit state into the storage box, and close the storage box cover to automatically turn off the flashlight.

It realizes the safe and convenient use of fragmented time to supplement power to BATON3, so that BATON3 is in the best condition anytime, anywhere. The innovation of this portable wireless charging storage box perfectly solves the problem of weak battery life of the BATON3 series of pocket mini flashlights.

The function of baton 3: tail magnetic attraction and two-way holding clip provide better scene adaptability; the timing lighting function can let you fall asleep at ease; the fade-in and fade-out function effectively protects the eyes from strong light damage.




No matter how difficult life is, there is always something to do with it! If you don’t open your heart to accept new things, you don’t know that life can be so fun, such as exquisitely "dressing up" yourself for weekend time, exquisite camping outdoor time, and buying something that can instantly enhance your sense of happiness and quality of life. Will make your life sparkle. Obulb you must have!

The small Obulb is a romantic and warm embellishment of life. The small night light for eye protection, indoor lighting, camping light, signal light, and atmosphere light can all be realized for you.

Switching between 4 lighting modes, up to 55 lumens, fast charging in 2 hours, battery life up to 56 hours, it is the strength of fun.


In order to meet the needs of more different usage scenarios, Freyr is equipped with four different colors of light sources.

In addition to the regular white light, Freyr also has three colors of light sources: red, green and blue. Among these four light sources, the white light is set in the center of the light cup. It uses a SST 40 cool white LED, which has a maximum brightness of 1750 lumens in Freyr, a light intensity of 32400cd, and a color temperature in the range of 6000-6500K.  

Inside, the white light source's illumination ability is still very strong, fully capable of tactics, outdoor and life scenes. The other three colored light sources all use XP-E LED produced by American CREE Company. These three colored lights can achieve more special lighting needs in different environments, making Freyr more versatile.

Product FAQ for Freyr 1750 lumens tactical LED Torch



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