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Olight Colour Series— Desert Tan Flashlight You Deserve To Have

Olight Colour Series— Desert Tan Flashlight You Deserve To Have

Aug 20, 2021, 00:00:00

Marauder 2

Why is it basically impossible to touch by mistake? Because of this 3D wheel unlocking design, you need to quickly turn the wheel more than 90 degrees to unlock. People who don’t read the manual may not understand it for the first time, but just teach it to get started. Like my grandmother, now touch screen mobile phone It's also super easy to use. I will introduce how to use it below. If you don't understand the English manual, just read my article.


1. Unlock: Rotate the wheel quickly more than 90 degrees to unlock the flashlight. At this time, the indicator lights on both sides light up briefly and then go out after 3 seconds; it is automatically locked.

2. Switch: After unlocking, press the wheel to turn on the light; press the wheel again to turn off the light.

3. Dimming: When the light is on, turn the wheel clockwise, the brightness will increase step by step, otherwise the brightness will decrease.

4. Quick dimming: When the light is on, quickly double-click the wheel to directly output the highest brightness allowed by the conditions, and double-click again to reduce the brightness by three levels.

5. Burst flash mode: in the lighted state (low beam mode), quickly click the wheel three times to output a flash. This mode is used with caution, but it is very practical in emergency situations. It will directly blind my krypton eyes. Single press or turn down to exit the flash mode.


Warrior mini 2

The third-generation magnetic attraction can support current input of 1/1.5/2A, and the charging efficiency is higher. This is also the standard "black technology" of Aolei

Of course, mini 2 not only supports magnetic charging, it can also be adsorbed on the surface of any metal object, even if it is a cylinder with a small contact surface, it is okay to "lying" or "upside down".

The tail button has two modes (you need to press the two buttons at the same time when switching). In the normal mode, lightly press the mid-range, press again to be extremely bright, long press and hold to turn on, and release it to turn off; while in tactical mode, lightly press is extremely bright, Press again to flash. It's easy to get started after getting more familiar.

Warrior mini 2 uses a tail press + side button dual switch design, which is very fast for both tactical and daily use. The tail press can flash or highlight with one button, and the side button can switch gears, and press twice quickly to enter the extremely bright mode. The middle point of the side key can display the battery level, and the blue ring at the edge also plays a good decorative role. In addition, functions such as brightness memory and key lock are also readily available, so I won't say more here.


Warrior x turbo

In the dark night, it can lengthen the visual distance of the eyes, and then lengthen.The long-range flashlight, as a sharp weapon to assist outdoor hunting, search, and law enforcement, can lengthen the distance that the eyes can see.

Re-stretching, using the characteristics of the small core LED, coupled with the configuration of the large-diameter, deep-beam cup, to achieve a special effect that some ordinary flashlights can't reflect. The OLIGHT Warrior X Turbo that this article wants to experience with everyone is an ultra-long-range shooter with a range of 1000 meters, which is 67% higher than Warrior X Pro. Let's take a look at what it looks like first.

OLIGHT Warrior X Turbo is an ultra-long range tactical flashlight. It is equipped with an OSRAMKW CSLPM1.TG 6PLED, a single custom 5000mAh 21700 rechargeable lithium battery, the highest luminous flux reaches 1100 lumens, and the range is 1000 meters. The overall length is 157 mm, the head diameter is 58 mm, the barrel diameter is 26.2 mm, and the weight is 294 grams (including battery).

Warrior X Turbo inherits the rugged and aggressive appearance of the Samurai X series. It follows the classics of low-voltage battery vibration notification, comfortable-to-hold silicone tactical ring, metal mute switch and magnetic charging. In addition, the tail cover adopts the same Odin. Designed to connect the wire control switch more firmly. Equipped with a detachable stainless steel holding clip and a high-quality flashlight cover, which is convenient to carry. Warrior XTurbo has powerful performance and rich professional accessories, suitable for hunting, law enforcement, search and rescue, outdoor travel and many other scenes.


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