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Olantern VS Olantern Mini: Which One is a Better Compact Outdoor Light?

Olantern VS Olantern Mini: Which One is a Better Compact Outdoor Light?

Aug 28, 2021, 00:00:00

Olantern VS Olantern Mini

Both belong to Olight's Olantern Series.

Looked like regular lanterns, yet function much better.

We'll start with a brief general introduction on these two products.


Olantern is an excellent all-around lantern, giving out an even, steady 360-degree lighting distribution. The white light LED module and flaming LED module are replaceable for fun and scenario-based illumination. The white light LED module has 3 adjustable settings: 30 lumens, 120 lumens, and 360 lumens. It is powered by four 1900mAh lithium-ion batteries rechargeable via the magnetic charging cable and runs up to 80 hours. The stable base and the hanging hook are available for several placement options. It is resistant to splashing water and the impacts of daily use. The battery indicator around the button indicates the battery level and fades on and off to reveal the button in the darkness.

Olantern Mini

Olantern Mini is a compact outdoor light that features a balanced 360-degree beam. It is so small that you can fit it in one of your palms. Its handle also works as a hook, making it easy to carry and position. Its body is mainly made of zinc alloy, allowing it to be tough yet lightweight. The Olantern Mini not only provides a dimmable white light but also a night-vision preserving red light, great for camping or emergency use. The tornado-shaped light diffuser softens the light output, reducing strain on your eyes during long-time use. When the included motion sensor feels a shake, the indicator around the button will light up, allowing you to read the battery level and locate the button in the darkness. It also features a built-in lithium-ion battery that can be charged quickly using the included USB magnetic charging cable. The Olantern Mini is a refined product to light your home and adventures.

As for what do they share in common as well as their differences, I believe the table below will help.

Detailed Comparison Between Olantern & Olantern Mini

General DataOlanternOlantern Mini
Beam Distance360-Degree Lighting Distribution360-Degree Lighting Distribution
Max Output360 lumens150 lumens
Max Runtime80 hours48 hours
Compatible Batteries

Four 3.7V 18500 1900mAh Rechargeable

Lithium-ion Batteries (Built-in)

Customized 2000mAh 3.7V 26350

Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery (Built-in)

Charge TypeMCC3 Magnetic Charging CableMCC3 Magnetic Charging Cable
Mode OperationMotion-Sensitive ButtonMotion-Sensitive Button
Form / Size FactorMedium SizeMini Size
Lighting LevelsOlantern Olantern Mini
High360 lumens/6.5h150 lumens/4h
Medium120 lumens/20h50 lumen/12h
Low30 lumens/75h15 lumen/48h
Flaming LED1 lumens/80h1 lumens/34h(red light)
Technical CharacteristicsOlantern Olantern Mini
Drop Test1m1m
Weight12.24oz/347g(including battery)8.43oz/239g(including battery)
Base Diameter2.60in/66mm2.06in/52.2mm
Light SourceHigh Performance Neutral White LED

High Performance Neutral White LEDs

+ High Performance Red LEDs

Body MaterialPC, ABS, TPE, Aluminum AlloyZinc Alloy, PC, ABS, TPE, Aluminum Alloy
UseIndoors, OutdoorsIndoors, Outdoors
PackagingCarton BlisterCarton Blister 
Package Contents
  • Olantern (Battery Built-in) x 1

  • Flaming LED Module x 1

  • MCC3 Magnetic Charging Cable x 1

  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth x 1

  • Olantern Mini Jet Black/Wine Red (Battery Built-in) x 1

  • MCC3 Magnetic Charging Cable x 1

  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth x 1

  • User Manual x 1

Customer Review


Love the size of these and the two bulb set up (regular and candle) have just done a run-time test (continuous) of one at 84+ hrs using the candle bulb. Excellent. Bought another.

Works great, can be too bright at times. Just soend a week at Airlie Beach, place was full of bugs but the candle flame doesn鈥檛 attract them so this lantern became a favourite at the fishing shack. Only downside is it doesn鈥檛 have onboard storage for the spare bulb.

Out camping and the other campers complained it was to bright dimmed it through its settings they thought it was great so did i, easy to use, great size for camping.

>>Olantern Mini

This lantern is small, but the light it puts out by comparison, is BIG. On low 15 lumens, it lights up a lounge room enough to see where you're going. Medium 50 lumens, you CAN, see what you are doing, no problem. On high 150 lumens, this is the brightest and functional 150 lumen I've ever seen. And you can put it in your pocket. Well, almost.

I was really happy to see the lantern come out in a mini version. The light itself feels excellent in its materials, its mainly rubberised around the base and top to help protect from bumps and scratches. The light output is great on low and also has a red mode to preserve night vision. The light output is a very bright white, unlike the yellow light of an obulb. The runtime is great at two days on low and the power switch glows red, yellow, green to show battery status. I am very impressed with this as a new product, looking forward to putting it to task.

If you were looking for a camping light, then both Olantern and Olantern Mini are excellent choices.

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I want them both. but really, the O-lantern is better, higher lumens and runtime is perfect, although, depends on the use, for instance, I'd prefer the O-Lantern because I'd use it for lighting a large area on a camping trip in my van, but the O-Lantern Mini would be great for hiking trips, the O-Lantern is un-necessary for a lightweight trip, but the mini is perfect for that. really depends on your personal preference and what it will be used for, but as I said, still want them both!

Posted on: Aug 30, 2021, 11:33:17


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