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New Products |Descriptions & Details

New Products |Descriptions & Details

Aug 20, 2021, 00:00:00

New Designs  Come With Brilliant Performance!

Please notice that the first 2 new torches are limited editions,  if you want to get them before anyone else,  keep focusing on
our latest Winter Sale.

X9R  Marauder


25,000 lumens/630 metres/27 hours
IPX7 waterproof
Fully charged in 4 hours
Smart overheating prevention
8 levels of output & battery display

Extreme Distance Hunting Light

Warrior X Turbo

Desert Camouflage

1,100 lumens/1,000 metres/12.5 hours.
Simple yet aggressive design to serve hunting & tactical needs
Upgraded tail cap for safer operation

The Most Powerful Compact Light


Black & Desert Tan

800 lumens/130 metres/2.3 hours
Quick install system
33% brighter than Baldr Mini
Patented slide rail mount:

custom-fit for any barrel length
White light, green beam, or both

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New Arrival | WARRIOR MINI 2 1750 Lumens Compact Tactical EDC Light with Proximity Sensor



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