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New Arrival |  X9R Marauder Blue High Lumen Flashlight

New Arrival | X9R Marauder Blue High Lumen Flashlight

Aug 20, 2021, 00:00:00

●Super Bright: 

Highest brightness level Olight has ever produced, reaching a max output of 25,000 lumens.

●Smart & Security: 

Proximity sensors automatically drops the output when approaching nearby obstructions;

Active thermal management system reduces the output when the temperature gets too hot, in order to prevent any damage or overheating.

●Ergonomic design: 

Milled finger grooves, shoulder strap and concealable strap hole for convenient and comfortable use

●IPX7 Waterproof & Durable: 

The X9R can be used normally in rainy weather, heavy snow, earthquake, and other emergency situations.

It will endure rough handling with its durable aluminum body.

The X9R, which came out in 2018, can be said to have gone through two years of research and development. It has become the heavyweight glare flashlight with the strongest brightness in the Aolei series, refreshing many people’s understanding of the limit of electric luminous flux. The output is as high as 25,000 lumens, which is enough to make the whole valley bright in an instant. Wherever X9R goes, there is nowhere to hide in darkness, as bright as day, it is a well-deserved overlord of flashlights and the god of the sun!

This time, the brand new color scheme of Aolei Flashlight X9R is here! As the treasure of Aurei's town store, X9R is no longer just a single classic black. The brand-new "Klein Blue" is launched to add new colors to the 25,000 lumens of dazzling light.The mysterious and elegant blue adds a romantic art to the strong sense of power, as if wandering on the blue Rhine, never ending, sometimes quiet, sometimes romantic, sometimes wild, solemn and mysterious, with unique charm.

The total weight of the X9R is 1855 grams, plus its large size, so OLIGHT has made many anti-fall details for this in the design, and a stainless steel reinforcement ring is added to the outer ring of the lamp glass. This reinforcement ring is very made. Thick, if the X9R is dropped accidentally, this steel ring can prevent the lamp holder from deforming and the lamp holder glass from breaking.

In the middle of the outside of the lamp holder, there is a silicone anti-rolling sleeve. This silicone sleeve can prevent random rolling when the hand level is placed. At the same time, this silicone sleeve also has a certain drop cushioning function. X9R's LED adopts 6 XHP70.2 cool white LEDs from American CREE Company. On X9R, these 6 LEDs can burst out with a brightness of 25000LM and a light intensity of 99200cd.

The inside of the lamp cup of X9R adopts a wrinkled leather design. The advantage of a wrinkled light cup is that it has better flood light performance. A distance sensor is also set on the edge of the LED of the lamp cup, the position sensor added by OLIGHT , When the flashlight is turned on, if there is an obstruction in front of it, this sensing device can automatically downshift the flashlight.

Because of the high brightness of the X9R, all heat dissipation capacity is also an important indicator. The position of the lamp cup is the main area of the flashlight heating. The X9R is equipped with a hollow heat dissipation fin design on the outside of the lamp cup, and the hollow interior can quickly form air convection. Road, can greatly improve the heat dissipation efficiency, in the process of use, because of the hollow design, even in the high-brightness gear, the temperature is still within the tolerable range when holding the battery with bare hands.

The main operating switch of the X9R is set between the lamp cap and the barrel. The button of the X9R is designed to be very large, even if it is clicked with gloves, the touch feel is good. The current flashlight brightness and power data are respectively set on the left and right sides of the main switch.

On the side of the power switch is the X9R charging port, and on the outside of the charging port is a waterproof and dustproof plug made of silicone. Open the waterproof and dustproof plug, you can see the X9R's charging interface, with the standard DC charger, you can quickly fully charge the X9R. With this DC standard charger, the X9R can be fully charged in about four hours, which is very efficient.

At the same time, the adapted car charger makes the X9R more maneuverable and improves its own applicability. An ergonomically designed silicone gripping finger groove is added to the grip position of the X9R hand. This detail is designed in the grip to effectively improve the friction and comfort during gripping, while still having a good The thermal insulation. On the other side of the barrel, there are 7 deep grooves. These 7 deep grooves will more or less reduce the weight of the flashlight and also have a certain anti-slip ability. Located at the bottom of the barrel is another shoulder strap hole of the X9R. The shoulder strap of X9R is well-made, and the two ends of the shoulder strap are equipped with metal locks, which makes it more efficient and efficient when connected to the shoulder strap hole.

This shoulder strap is made of nylon webbing fabric, and the OLIGHT logo is printed on the position where it contacts the shoulder. At the same time, it is a wider design, which can relieve some pressure. Unscrew the tail cover, we can see the power supply of X9R, OLIGHT has adapted a very powerful power supply for X9R. In the factory state, the contacts of the battery box have insulating stickers.

The X9R's battery box integrates 8 18650 batteries as a drive, which guarantees the X9R's battery life. And the workmanship of this battery box is very good, the exterior is made of aluminum alloy, and the contacts are made of brass gold-plated material with better conductivity. In use, the silicone finger groove on the barrel has a good grip when held in one hand.

X9R plans a total of 8 different brightness modes, mode one 200LM, mode two 400LM, mode three 800LM, mode four 1600LM, mode five 3200LM, mode six 6400LM, mode seven 12800LM, mode eight 25000LM, these eight different brightness modes Almost all outdoor lighting needs can be covered. The operation logic of X9R is also very clear and simple. Press the button to light up the phone, long press to enter the shift cycle, and when the flashlight is on, press the switch to turn off the flashlight. In any state, double-click the switch to directly enter the 25000LM extremely bright gear, and three-click the switch to enter the flash gear.






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