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Which Type of Torch Battery is Used for Flashlight?

Which Type of Torch Battery is Used for Flashlight?

Apr 14, 2022, 00:00:00

  If you just want a basic overview of OLIGHT torch battery sizes and my advice on what battery to use, you can just read 1.1 section on lithium ion rechargeable batteries.

  This article looks at what batteries are suitable for flashlights in terms of charge time, length of use, safety and other dimensions, and concludes that Li-Ion batteries are the winner when it comes to rechargeable batteries for modern LED flashlights.Lithium-ion 18650 batteries are the most common size.

  Many people think 18650 and AA series batteries are interchangeable, which means you can use either one for your battery needs. However, you should know that this is definitely not the case: alkaline, lithium, and NIMH batteries are all part of the AA series of batteries, and they all have the disadvantage of not being suitable for modern flashlights.These batteries have their own capacities and voltages, and have different physical dimensions, and even some electronics are not compatible with either option.Therefore 18650 and AA series batteries are not interchangeable.


1.Rechargeable Torch Batteries 

1.1 Lithium-ion (Li-ion) Battery 

  Lithium-ion batteries are the pinnacle of modern commercial rechargeable battery technology, and there's a reason Tesla uses them in all of its electric vehicles. In recent years, costs have come down so dramatically that they are more economical than any other product on the market.Torch with usb charger that includes built-in charging circuitry and usb rechargeable batteries have helped increase their popularity.

  Common sizes are 14500, 18650 and the new 21700. Their nominal voltage is 4.2 V or 3.7V. Also, unlike NiCd and NiMH batteries, 18650 batteries have no memory effect, so they can last a long time.

 * Memory effect: The phenomenon that the capacity of a battery decreases when it is repeatedly charged and discharged.


  • Higher energy density provides longer run time
  • Higher voltage and current output means brighter lights
  • Higher performance at low temperatures, up to -40ºC
  • High output models can produce enough power to drive ultra-modern, high-output LEDs
  • Super fast charging when using the right battery/charger combination
  • Lithium-ion batteries have a self-discharge rate of about 10% per month. But the main benefit of this option is that they are rechargeable. They can be recharged over 1,000 times without any memory problems. 



  • Some older gears can't use these batteries 
  • More difficult to find in stores than traditional batteries
  • With so many brands, sizes and different configurations, it can be difficult for beginners to understand
  • Can be restricted by airlines
  • You cannot fully discharge a lithium-ion battery without risking damage to the battery. Make sure the battery charge is kept above 50%


 When choosing a battery for flashlights, we only need to consider it in the category of lithium-ion battery. Among them, the 18650 batteries are the most common ones.

1.1.1  10440 Battery(aaa Rechargeable Battery) 

  The diameter of 10440 battery is 10mm and the height is 44mm, it is the same size as what we often call "triple a battery". The battery capacity of 10440 battery is generally very small, only a few hundred mAh. It is mainly used in such miniature electronic products as flashlights, mini stereos, amplifiers, etc.

  10440 battery torch:Olight does not sell aaa rechargeable batteries currently. The battery that come with Olight i3T is a non-rechargeable AAA battery.(Please do not put the 10440 3.6 volt lithium-ion rechargeable battery into i3T, it may blow it up.)

1.1.2  14500 Battery(aa Rechargeable Battery) 

  14mm in diameter and 50mm in height,this battery is generally a 3.2V or 3.7v lithium battery.The nominal capacity is relatively small, a little larger than that of 10440 battery, generally 1600mAh, with superior discharge performance and the most applications. 14500 is also widely used for a very simple reason. Its size is the same as double a battery (No.5) batteries,can be put into the flashlight.

   14500 battery torch: S1A, i5R EOS (rechargeable version of i5T EOS ) does not sell 14500 battery separately.14500 1420mAh Li-ion battery is included in the accessories that come with the torch.

   Little Tips:The Olight i5T comes with GMCELL AA alkaline batteries. When the product was released, some people asked if the i5T supports 3.6V 14500 lithium-ion batteries. According to some fans of the actual test, after changing the 14500 lithium-ion battery the i5T is brighter, of about 600 lumensIt is not impossible to use 14500 Li-ion, but it is not officially recommended to do so~

  Mainly for the following 3 reasons:

  • not good for the life of the battery and the flashlight itself.
  • When using the 14500 battery, there will be only one gear.
  • When using the 14500 battery, the torch will become very hotIn addition, with power down to 1.2V or less, you can not switch to 300 lumens gear, that is,in low battery mode, can not switch to high brightness mode.

1.1.3 16340 Rechargeable Battery(rechargeable version of cr123a ) 

  16mm in diameter and 34mm in height.Its battery scale is shorter in height and smaller in capacity, so it can be used in strong flashlights, LED flashlights, headlamps, laser lights, lighting fixtures and other frequent occasions.

  The 3.7V rechargeable Li-ion RCR123A/ 16340 (650mAh) battery from Cytac can be charged up to 1,000 times. This makes them a cost-effective solution for torches/ flashlights, digital cameras and high performance equipment. These are high density rechargeable batteries with built in PCB protection and voltage regulators for safe and efficient operation.

  Most of Olight’s S series come standard with CR123A batteries, which are compatible with 18650 batteries, and many flashlights that use 18650 rechargeable batteries can also use 2x CR123A batteries.

  Flashlights with Olight RCR123A batteries can obviously be very small, such as the olight S1R BATON Series(except S1R Baton II ), with a barrel length of only 61 mm, a head diameter of only 21 mm, and a weight of only 30 grams without batteries. It is very small and lightweight.

 rcr123a    Olight 650mAh 16340 protected Li-ion rechargeable battery (RCR123A) ORB-163P06<NOT compatible with the S1R Baton II.> 

1.1.4  18650 Rechargeable Battery

  With a diameter of 18mm and a height of 65mm.Its biggest feature is that it has very high energy density, almost reaching 170 Wh/kg,with an energy/volume ratio better than other types of rechargeable batteries.Olight 18650 lithium-ion battery has triple overheat protection and over-discharge protection, safe and reliable use, with built-in overcharge and over-discharge protection circuit to ensure battery life. We usually see most of this battery, cause it is a more mature Li-ion battery, the system quality is more stable in all aspects.

18650 battery

  The battery can be charged and discharged up to 500 times, both environmentally and economical friendly.Specifically built for 18650 battery torch:Warrior mini 2,R20 Javelot,Baton series and S2R II. 

1.1.5  21700 Rechargeable Battery

  The 21700 battery is a lithium-ion battery with 21mm diameter and 70mm height, which increases the energy density of the battery unit and the system due to its increased size and space utilization. Its volume energy density is much higher than that of 18650 battery. Widely used in digital, electric car, balance car, solar lithium battery street light, LED light, power tools, etc.

21700 battery

  Olight 21700 5000mAh 3.6V battery customized for high power consumption flashlight. It can be used in 21700 battery torch which is also long lasting flashlight: Warrior Series, Seeker 3 Pro, Freyr, Archer, Odin and Odin Turbo.

1.2 Nickel Metal Hydride Battery (NiMH rechargeable battery) 

  These are rechargeable cylindrical batteries, but can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes by combining multiple packs into a single battery pack. For modern LED flashlights, the main versions are available in AA VS AAA sizes. They produce a nominal 1.2V per cell.


  •  Available in a variety of common sizes
  •  A great alternative for devices designed for original AA and AAA batteries, you can use NIMH batteries to power a variety of devices because they come in the same standard sizes as AA or AAA batteries. Good shelf life.
  •  Less likely to leak or explode



  •  Limited power output, not suitable for some modern high-power LED flashlights
  •  Charging takes 10 to 12 hours.
  •  Some modern chargers are eliminating the ability to charge NiMH to save space and money
  •  Gradually falling behind due to advances in other battery chemistry types
  •  Self-discharge rates start at 5% within the first week of charging, but may suffer a 50% discharge within the first month. You can get options with a lower discharge rate, but these tend to have a lower capacity of about 2000 mAh.

2.Non-rechargeable Torch Batteries 

  There are non-rechargeable batteries, such as your AA, AAA, C, D batteries, and hundreds of examples, but any non-rechargeable battery is in this category. (Some chargers claim to charge standard AA alkaline batteries, don't believe them.)

 aa battery torch:i5T EOS,i5T EOS,i5UV EOS

 aaa battery torch:i3E EOS,i3T EOS,i3T Plus

2.1 Alkaline Battery 

   These are the traditional AA, AAA, C, D, etc. batteries that you can find in the supermarket. They usually are 1.5 v aaa/aa batteries.


  •  Easy to get and can be found all over the world
  •  Quite small, perfect for pen flashlights
  •  Decent shelf life


  • Doesn't perform well in sub-zero temperatures
  • Too wasteful, potential for leakage and damage to your device
  • Limited output power does not provide enough current to power modern high-power LED flashlights


  If you're a person who never remembers to recharge your batteries, remember to always keep alkaline batteries on hand, but they're also very wasteful and expensive, and on the other hand, if you forget to take them out, they'll eventually leak and damage your gear.

2.2 Lithium Battery (not Lithium-ion Battery) 

  I will briefly cover lithium primary batteries here as they are a fairly common battery, there are many different chemicals that can be used here and they will produce different voltages and outputs, but I will try to be brief.

  aaa/aa size battery: These lithium batteries will give you the best run time of any AA/AAA size battery, these do have a good shelf life and are great for saving in an emergency.

  CR123A - The CR123A lithium battery is a non-rechargeable battery and it has a outstanding advantage of high energy density. The energy density of the CR123A can even reach 2.5 times that of the 16340 battery, even though they are the same size. The CR123A battery has a long effective storage life, even up to 10 years. does not sell lithium CR123A batteries currently.

 How can I make my flashlight a long battery life?  

  • Minimize battery hold at 100% and 0%: Full or low battery states may damage the battery
  • Avoid using fast chargers: reduces the performance of lithium-ion batteries
  • Avoid storing batteries in extreme temperatures: It's best to carry extra batteries with you in case of flashlight battery problems
  • Get best rechargeable batteries: Olight is synonymous with quality flashlights and accessories
  • Keep your batteries safe: punctures can be potentially explosive
  • Take advantage of partial discharge cycles: If you stick to between 20% and 30% of the battery capacity before charging, it's actually good for your battery life. You should avoid as many full discharge cycles as possible, as this can negatively affect the life of the battery.

Why should I choose an olight-customized batteries when buying Olight flashlight? 

  Many people like to remove the 18650 batteries from their mobile power and laptop batteries to Interchange,which is not recommended. These batteries are generally capacity type, unless you can measure the discharge performance of these batteries yourself. Due to the special circuit design, most our flashlights use Olight battery, while some low lumen compact flashlights usually use disposable replaceable batteries.

 18650 2600 mAh battery  Olight lithium ion batteries are made with high performance battery cells.There is no doubt about that 18650 2600 mAh battery is one of the best rechargeable batteries, cause it’s compatible with almost all flashlights and offer a good balance of capacity and price.They have overcharge and undercharge protection built into the battery and can be recharged 400-500 times before they need to be replaced.Panasonic is on the inside. 4.98 per amp hour.


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