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What is A Tactical Torch?

What is A Tactical Torch?

Dec 06, 2021, 00:00:00

For most normal people, they have got no idea of what a tactical light is and how to use it. Maybe you have known the definition of Wiki explanation:

A tactical light is a flashlight used in conjunction with a firearm to aid low-light target identification, allowing the marksman, law enforcement officer, or soldier to simultaneously aim a weapon and illuminate the target. 

tactical light for military use

Sounds like a professional tool for weapon lighting, not for general people use. In the past many years, it's been the right way. But now, you need to extend your mind.

Due to the market competition, more and more new flashlight companies are born out. The threshold for professional design of a tactical flashlight is getting lower and lower. So that everyone can meet the corresponding needs according to their own budget.

Gradually, a tactical flashlight appears in the field of vision of more people.

Tactical flashlights are no longer just special tools for military or law enforcement personnel, but more appear in the field of vision of the general public. As an all-rounder tool, it is both a lighting device and a self-defense device.

A tactical torch works for military, police, and law enforcement

On the one hand, a tactical light is still a main working tool for the military, police, and law enforcement. When the execution of lethal force is not required, they hold with their left hand, press the tail of the flashlight with their thumb to turn on the switch, and illuminate the target of the suspect or criminal.

When encountering criminals with unknown actions, they will use the instantaneous turn-on of the tactical flashlight - a powerful white light to illuminate the target and make it instantly blind or disoriented.


When it is necessary to perform dangerous tasks or daily training, a solider will install lights on the weapons and control the weapons with both hands.


In response to the requirements of the military, a tactical light needs to be used for a variety of firearms of different lengths, including specific types of rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, carbines, etc., using wired switches for connection and control.

For law enforcement officers and special police, in addition to designing one of the necessary courses for training, they will install small tactical lights on pistols when dealing with dangerous drunk-driving criminals and drug users at night.


But firearms have recoil, regardless of rifle or pistol, so the price of this type of mounted tactical light is more expensive.


So, this is the end of this article? No, all above is just the usage scenarios of the tactical flashlight in the past years. And a tactical flashlight also has the same UI design - black body, very old-fashioned. For the police and daily patrol security, it may match the uniform very well, so they are also used to the uniform color. 

A tactical torch is also for home emergency and outdoor activities


Maybe you rarely worry about power outages now, but you must have heard of the 2021 Texas power crisis in the United States. Anyone is very vulnerable in the face of disasters, and so was Covid-19 at that time. Therefore, it is very necessary to prepare in advance.


What is the difference between a tactical flashlight and a regular flashlight?

Most everyday flashlights are made of cheap aluminum, low-grade steel, or ordinary old plastic. ...Tactical flashlights are usually armor-coated and made of aviation-grade aluminum for superior durability. They generally have weather resistance, shock resistance, and corrosion resistance. However, they are very light. On the contrary, a regular flashlight cannot be waterproof, and the circuit design quality is low.

The coating is a solid continuous film obtained by one application of paint. It is a thin layer of plastic coated on metal, fabric, plastic, and other substrates for protection, insulation, decoration, and other purposes. The paint can be gaseous, liquid, or solid, and the type and state of the paint are usually determined according to the substrate to be sprayed.

Weather resistance refers to a series of aging phenomena such as fading, discoloration, cracking, chalking, and strength reduction of plastic products due to external conditions such as sunlight, temperature changes, wind, and rain. ... Different functional groups have different sensitivities to light due to different bond energies, resulting in differences in weather resistance. For automotive coatings, ultraviolet rays are the main cause of paint aging...

Corrosion resistance: The ability of metal materials to resist the corrosive and destructive effects of the surrounding medium is called corrosion resistance.

Aerospace aluminum is a kind of ultra-high-strength deformed aluminum alloy, which is currently widely used in the aviation industry. It has good mechanical and processing properties, good plasticity after solution treatment, and a good heat treatment strengthening effect. Generally, it has high strength and good toughness below 150°C (or even higher). It is an ideal structural material. Compared with ordinary aluminum alloys, aluminum alloys used in aircraft have higher requirements for strength, hardness, toughness, fatigue resistance, and plasticity.

How many lumens flashlight is good for you?


If you need a flashlight for everyday carry, emergency lighting or home defense, 60-300 lumens is enough.

When you are trekking alone, you need a high-powered torch for long runtime. It needs to be 350 to 600 lumens for camping or hiking. 


If your budget is enough, you could consider 2000 lumens and more. But I think a 1000 lumen torch is the practical choice.


3000 lumens and above is not suitable for most people. Your work does not need it. Like search and rescue, you might need a 4200 lumens torch to illuminate the road. But it will cost you hundreds of dollars.


A flashlight with 5000 lumens and above, even 10K or above! You don't have to spend so much money to buy a vase.

Use a tactical light illegal?


A tactical light may be related to weapons, but it is essentially just a light that is brighter than a regular flashlight. Although the instantaneous activation of the tactical flashlight can blind the target for self-defense or home defense, it is short-lived and cannot cause an effective attack. Additionally, It is a basic right to use the strong light output to signal to a gangster or thief to leave, thereby protecting yourself. Compared with pepper or other self-defense tools, tactical flashlights do not have that powerful damage and can only be used suddenly in a dark space to produce a good effect. On the other hand, tools that have lethal force or hurt the body of others are considered weapons in the law. Therefore, in most public places, even on airplanes and trains, you can easily pass through the security check area without facing inspection.

In this spam-filled Internet, it is very difficult to find a correct tactical torch, especially fake lights and fake batteries everywhere. If you are only pursuing a low price for a few dollars, then you get the price of high risk. If you want to know more, you might as well check out the best guide for choosing hunting lights and the full definition of tactical flashlights.

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