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Official Review: Why is Olight Warrior 3 Not A Simple Upgrade?

Official Review: Why is Olight Warrior 3 Not A Simple Upgrade?

Dec 14, 2021, 21:00:00

During the Black Friday of last month and Christmas of this month, Olight newly launched Warrior 3 tactical torch has been loved by many people. So what makes this light different from others?

Olight Warrior 3: Upgraded version of M2R Pro


Maybe some old users find that it is an upgraded version of M2R Pro. But do you think it's just a simple increase in brightness?


Neutral White or Cool White?

Warrior 3's cool white LED light

Old users know that the M2R Pro uses a neutral white light emitter, but it does not seem to be perfect for the pursuit of brighter white light. After receiving suggestions from many fans and users, we decided to develop a cool white light. Therefore, we launched Warrior 3 during this year's Black Friday. In addition to the whiter light, the LED is also upgraded to SFT-70X-W lamp beads, and the luminous flux has increased by 28%.


Why does it turn on automatically?

Warrior 3's magnetic tail switch

Many users feedback to us that the lights cannot be turned off or turned on automatically. But when we repeatedly tested the test machine, we came to the conclusion that misoperation can easily cause abnormalities. In order to avoid the user's misoperation, resulting in the short circuit of the torch, we decided to improve the tail design. Therefore, the first impression many users receive when they receive Warrior 3 is that the tail switch has been greatly improved. We also sincerely hope that all users will actively feedback to us the use of the product and what design flaws there are, and we will work hard to improve it.


Why can't I see the remaining battery power?

Warrior 3's side switch visually shows the remaining power and brightness level

Many users report that the torch cannot check the battery and brightness level, especially when it is carried on a daily basis. In the new version of the Warrior 3 torch, we have designed 4 indicators for brightness and power on both sides of the side switch of the torch. When you start, you can visually check the remaining power and brightness level.


Let me remind you torch gamers again: try not to DIY torches privately to avoid unpredictable dangers. Any electronic product is designed to avoid all dangers as much as possible, but it is inevitable that novice gamers will blindly modify their torches.

Here, Olight is for everyone who uses Warrior 3 torch gamers, please avoid the following 9 questions:


1. Do not aim the light at human eyes or face, it may cause blindness or injury for a short time .


2. Do not use rechargeable batteries without a protective plate .


3. Do not use if the battery cover is broken .


4. Do not remove the battery to charge it .


5. In a high temperature environment, please do not activate the high-end for multiple times, so as not to affect the holding by the high temperature of the torch surface .


6. The function of the tail button may fail in sea water or containing conductive media, please keep it clean and dry .


7. Store the battery carefully; if you need to replace the battery, please keep the removed battery in a safe place, do not put it together with conductive metal .


8. Do not short-circuit the button cap at the tail of the torch and the adjacent ring for a long time. If there is a short circuit, there will be a certain amount of current consumption, and a long short circuit will cause the battery to run out.


9. The magnetic tail is easy to attract iron filings. Please keep the tail button cap and the adjacent ring clean.



Currently, Warrior 3 has 4 colours for you to choose from: scarlet gradient, black, orange, and desert camouflage.. If you have a collection idea for the shape design, give one to your friend during the Flash Sale.

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