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Product Guide: How to Choose a Flashlight with 1000 or 2000 or 3000 Lumens?

Product Guide: How to Choose a Flashlight with 1000 or 2000 or 3000 Lumens?

Recently, we conducted a survey on the market and found that when many users choose flashlights, flashlights with three brightness levels of 1000, 2000, and 3000 are more popular. The flashlights of these three brightness levels are also inextricably linked to everyone's budget and purpose. So for novice players, how to choose the most suitable one among these three types?

Man using flashlight in comic illustration

We know that the brightness of a flashlight depends on the capacity of the battery, the type of LED and the emitter or reflector. But when the flashlight is in high-brightness mode, the battery will generate a lot of heat, making it feel very hot when you hold it. As a result, the built-in temperature control system of the flashlight will immediately cool down, making the brightness gradually decrease. Therefore, when the flashlight is in high-brightness mode, the running time is usually relatively short.

The brightness of the white light from the flashlight

The longer the running time in high-brightness mode, the better?

Long-term operation in high-brightness mode means that the interior of the flashlight will have to withstand huge heat, and the battery life will be shortened, which has a potential explosion hazard. Generally, in circuit design, manufacturers will design short-circuit emergency and temperature control systems to cool down to avoid safety accidents caused by improper use. Especially for DIY designs, the lack of safety guarantees and temperature control testing often leads to safety problems.

Illuminate the road in the jungle with a flashlight

For the safety of each user, Olight’s flashlight not only uses high-quality circuit boards and an intelligent temperature control system, but also achieves the ultimate in brightness. Let's show novice users the type of flashlight with Olight 1000/2000/3000 lumens brightness level:

  • 1000 Lumen's flashlight type

Archer - 1000 Lumen Long Distance Torch with 21700 Battery

Olight Archer LED torch's appearance

Olight Odin IR (Black) 1000 Lumen Rail Tactical LED Flashlight with IR Illuminator

White light brightness and product appearance of Olight Odin IR

Olight Perun Mini Kit 1000 Lumens 100m Rechargeable Headlamp

Perun min can be used for EDC flashlights, car repair work lights, and hiking headlights.

  • 2000 lumen type of flashlight

Olight Baton Pro 2000 lumen rechargeable LED torch

baton pro battery power level indication

Olight Perun 2000 lumen rechargeable LED right angle torch

Use perun flashlights to illuminate the backpack's field of vision during outdoor travel

  • 3000 lumens type of flashlight

Olight seeker 2 3000 lumen rechargeable led torch

Seeker 2 appearance and battery indicator

Regardless of the brightness of the flashlight you choose, please consider your budget and usage in total. If you only need general lighting for the flashlight, you might as well try our pocket flashlight, which is more cost-effective and bright.

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