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Open 2 VS Open Pro: Stylish & Practical Penlight Recommendation

Open 2 VS Open Pro: Stylish & Practical Penlight Recommendation

Need recommendations on penlight? Check this!


Before I started blabbering about how to choose a penlight, please go check this article(A Detailed Introduction on Penlight | Olight Store) if you need a general introduction to it first. 


We'll begin with Olight's Open Series.


Open 2 VS Open Pro


Both Open 2 & Open Pro belong to Olight's penlight series. The former is Olight's first EDC pen with an illumination function, while the latter being the upgraded version of it and just launched on the latest flash sale!


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Alright, let's go back to penlights.


I believe a detailed comparison is needed here, so this is it!


Detailed Comparison Between Open 2 & Open Pro

General Data

Open 2

Open Pro

Beam Distance(ft/m)



Max. Performance (lumens)



Charge type

USB-C port

USB Charging Cable(A-C)

Compatible Batteries

3.7 V 110mAh/407mWh 


Lithium Polymer Battery


3.7V 110mAh/407mWh 


Lithium Polymer Battery


Mode Operation

Front Switch

Form/Size Factor

Small Size

Small Size




Light Source

High-Performance Warm 

White LED (3000K)


Lighting Levels

Open 2

Open Pro

Level 1 

120 lumens/20 mins

120 lumens/23 mins

Level 2

60 lumens/50 mins

60 lumens/45 mins

Level 3

20 lumens/140 mins

20 lumens/120 mins

Level 4

5 lumens/10 hours

5 lumens/10 hours


Technical Characteristics

Open 2

Open Pro







Weight (g / oz)


1.23oz/35g (Including 

Battery and Refill)

Length (mm / in)


Length: 6.02in/153mm 

(Tip Retracted)

Tip Diameter (mm / in)

0.6 / 0.024

Body Diameter (mm / in)

12.7 / 0.5



3737 Cool White LED


Custom plastic enclosure.

Carton Box


Everyday carry, Car,  

Household, EDC,

General use, Outdoor 

activities, House activities

Everyday Carry, Camping, 

Outdoors, Household, 

EDC, General Use

Package Contents


OPEN 2 (Battery Built-in and 

Refill Included)×1


USB Charging Cable(A-C) ×1


Spare Refill ×1


User Manual x 1



Open Pro (Battery Built-in 

and Refill Included×1


USB Charging Cable (A-C) 



Spare RF-OL182X BK 

Refill ×1


User Manual x 1

Unique Characteristics Of Open Pro




As the upgraded version of Open 2, Open Pro determines to provide a better user experience.


The most important advantage that divides Open Pro from its predecessor is, it possesses a green laser pointer. Therefore, Open Pro is an EDC pen with a LED light as well as a green pointer beam. This innovative 3-in-1 design offers more choices for its users: writing, reading, presenting, and so on.

Also, the body part of Open Pro is longer and slimmer, just to assure a more comfortable grip. At the same time, the LED light has moved from the upper part onto the pocket clip, so as to make sure the light won't be blocked when clipped to shirt pockets or bags. While the green pointer for accurate pointing and marking locates at the tail of the LED part.




Though the L-type bolt was adopting from Open 2, it now controls not only the pen tip but also the LED light and the green pointer. 


This intuitive operation is as follows: single bolt swing to access or recess the pen tip, quickly tap up once to turn on the LED, slide up and hold to activate the pointer.


If you were looking for a stylish yet practical gift, Open Pro definitely is an excellent choice.


The good news is, Open Pro(Black/Blue) is now on sale! Click here to save up to 40%!


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