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How is Olight Torch Temperature Control System?

How is Olight Torch Temperature Control System?

Dec 13, 2021, 00:00:00

The temperature of most Olight tactical flashlights is limited to 55°C. That is, when the temperature reaches 55 degrees Celsius, the brightness of the flashlight will immediately decrease. For example, Javelot Pro, Warrior X Pro, lighting for 10 minutes, turbo mode. Marauder 2, lights up for 3 minutes in turbo mode.

So today, let’s take a look at the temperature control of the four tactical torches.

Javelot Pro Highest Temperature: 55.2℃~55.6℃

When Javelot Pro has a maximum brightness of 2100 lumens, the upper temperature limit is 55.2℃~55.6℃. Since Javelot Pro uses two 3500mAh 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries, the voltage reaches 7.14V at the highest temperature. After Javelot Pro lasts for 5 minutes in turbo mode, the light output will drop to 1000 lumens and last for a maximum of 145 minutes.

Warrior X Pro Highest Temperature: 55.1~55.3℃

When Warrior X Pro is in the highest gear of 2100 lumens, the temperature reaches 55.1~55.3℃, which is almost the same as Javelot Pro. But Warrior X Pro uses a single 5000mAh 21700 rechargeable lithium battery, which is smaller in capacity than Javelot Pro. Because originally these two tactical flashlights are different in positioning. Warrior X Pro focuses on short range (500 meters), while Javelot Pro focuses on long range (1080 meters). Back to the topic, after Warrior X Pro lasted for about 2 minutes in turbo mode, the brightness decreased to 1000 lumens for 100 minutes. It finally dropped to 300 lumens and lasted 23 minutes. Compared with Javelot Pro, Warrior X Pro temperature cooling is divided into two downshifts.

Warrior X Turbo Highest Temperature: 59.6~62.5℃

The maximum temperature of Warrior X Turbo reaches 59.6~62.5℃ at 1100 lumens at the highest gear. Warrior X Turbo is also powered by a single 5000mAh 21700 rechargeable lithium battery, but the range is positioned in the hunting spotlight (1000 meters). Warrior X Turbo lasts for 6.5 minutes in turbo mode and then weakens to 600 lumens for 105 minutes. Then drop to 300 lumens for 27 minutes. It finally dropped to 150 lumens and lasted 52 minutes. Compared with Warrior X Pro and Javelot Pro, Warrior X Turbo's temperature cooling is controlled at 3 times.

Marauder 2 Highest Temperature: 61.2~62.1℃

When the maximum brightness of Marauder 2 is 14000 lumens, the temperature reaches 61.2~62.1℃. Marauder 2 uses three 5000mAh 21700 batteries, the capacity reaches the configuration of a mobile power supply. In the highest gear floodlight 14000 lumens lighting mode, it lasts for 5 minutes and then drops to 3200 lumens. Run for 140 minutes at an output of 300 lumens. It finally dropped to 1600 lumens and lasted 45 minutes. In the highest gear spotlight 850 lumens lighting mode, it lasts for 20 minutes. Then it drops to 650 lumens for 170 minutes. Then it drops to 500 lumens for 85 minutes. Then drop to 300 lumens for 25 minutes. Then drop to 200 lumens for 15 minutes. It finally dropped to 100 lumens and lasted 85 minutes. Compared with the two cooling of floodlights, the spotlight mode consumes more power. The cooling of the temperature control system is triggered 5 times in total.

The above is an introduction to the temperature control of Olight's four tactical flashlights. Olight has always been committed to providing all flashlight players with the highest quality flashlights. Safety is always the first priority, which is why we adopt the cutting-edge design of customized battery + magnetic charging.

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