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Awesome Change! Javelot Pro VS Javelot Pro 2 VS Javelot Turbo

Awesome Change! Javelot Pro VS Javelot Pro 2 VS Javelot Turbo

Nov 24, 2021, 12:00:00

Javelot  Pro 2 VS Javelot Turbo VS Javelot Pro

When you talk about the night, what do you think of?

When you search and rescue the target group in the long darkness, what will you need?

What can give you a sense of security when you face all kinds of complicated situations when you are hiking alone in the middle of the night?

When you are hunting covertly at night with your shotgun, what can help you observe the movement of the prey?

It's it-Strong light long-range search and rescue flashlight: Javelot pro2 and Javelot turbo


You may be thinking: What excellent performance does a flashlight need to be worthy of my trust and purchase and finally become my partner? In this regard, there are many factors that you need to consider, but I emphatically select the following points for your reference:

1. Reference factors


(1) Brightness

From the most basic function, the flashlight is the basic lighting tool in the dark, so the brightness is the basic requirement of the flashlight. Therefore, you need to understand several criteria related to brightness:

1. Luminous intensity: The most basic is the luminous intensity Candela, the symbol is cd, which is used to indicate the intensity of the light source in one direction.

2. Luminous flux, unit-LM. Luminous flux is the amount of light energy that arrives, leaves, or passes through a curved surface per unit time. In order to facilitate understanding, I propose a metaphor that may not be appropriate here. Luminous flux is like force in mechanics. It is the brightness emitted by the luminous body.

3. Illumination intensity, unit lux (lux) "Illumination intensity, referred to as illuminance. Illumination/illuminance on a surface irradiated by light is defined as the luminous flux illuminating a unit area." Analogy to luminous flux, we will illuminate Ratio is the pressure in mechanics. It is the brightness of the light on the object.
Javelot pro 2 VS Javelot Pro, Javelot turbo product demonstration:


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Olight Javelot Pro 2 with 2500 lumens output and 1050 meters throw


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Olight Javelot Pro with 2100 lumens output and 1080 meters throw


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Olight Javelot Turbo with 1300 lumens and 1300 meters throw

(2) Lighting mode

Most of the OLIGHT flashlights can be set with a variety of lighting modes, and the lighting of different gears can match your needs in different scenarios. When you search and rescue outdoors, the light of 150LM will make you feel that you can't see the search and rescue target. And when you only use it in emergency at home, the light of 1300LM will be too much when it is lit indoors, and it may even cause damage to the eyes.

It is necessary to choose the right lighting gear on the right occasion, and it is also convenient to choose a multi-stage lighting flashlight suitable for your own use.

(3) Running time

Running time is one of the factors that affect the user experience. People holding handshake phones are very afraid that their flashlight will suddenly power off and cause trouble to their work.

Therefore, it is very necessary for people who use flashlights to understand the operating time limit of each gear. At the same time, increase the power indicator function and inform related information about charging, so that people will arrange time and timely to charge the flashlight. Ensure that the daily schedule goes smoothly.

Javelot pro2 VS Javelot turbo product demonstration:


javelot pro 2 specifications


javelot pro specifications


javelot turbo specifications

(4) Durability

Surface material: Black is very common as t he classic color of a flashlight, but different flashlight colors are more ornamental. While paying attention to the aesthetics of the surface, it is also necessary to pay more attention to whether its surface treatment is strong enough to prevent scratches and damage, such as aviation aluminum alloy shell, the surface is three-level hard oxidation.

In addition, flashlights with waterproof and drop-proof performance are less likely to cause damage when you go out on an adventure or accidentally fall.

Javelot pro2 VS Javelot Pro, Javelot turbo product demonstration:


javelot pro 2 waterproof and dustproof


javelot pro waterproof and dustproof


javelot turbo waterproof and dustproof

After talking about the conditions for identifying flashlights, you will find that Javelot pro2 and Javelot turbo can be regarded as excellent Strong light long-range search and rescue in terms of brightness, lighting mode, running time, portability, and durability. flashlight representative.

2、 Parameter Comparison

If you haven’t figured it out yet, you can look at the general comparison chart below (javelot pro is specially used in this article) for comparison~
Javelot Pro2 VS Javelot turbo VS Javelot Pro  product demonstration:

javelot pro vs. javelot pro 2

Javelot pro2 or Javelot turbo, which one do you think is more suitable for you?

What is Olight Hunting Kit?

The Olight hunting kit is a complete package that contains all the tools needed for hunting lighting: 1*hunting light, 1*flashlight mount, 1*pressure switch,1*magnetic charger, 1*red filter, 1*green filter.
Olight's hunting kit is only suitable for four tactical flashlights: Javelot Pro kit, 
Javelot Pro 2 kitJavelot Turbo kitWarrior X Turbo kit.

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