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How Pocket Portable Flashlight is Convenient for Our Lives?

How Pocket Portable Flashlight is Convenient for Our Lives?

Aug 30, 2021, 05:00:00

When going out to work or going home at night, do you need to carry a small flashlight with you, you can take it out at any time and send a portable belt, so that we can use it at any time.

With the development of the flashlight industry, flashlights of various usage scenarios have emerged. Giant high-power flashlights are more suitable for outdoor search and rescue environments, while small flashlights are more suitable for daily use. It is precise because of the development of the flashlight industry. Mini flashlights can also exert better performance, and in life, more or more lighting products tend to be used for daily use. This is a flashlight that uses AAA batteries to the extreme

Flashlight Size and Portability

Size and portability are the most critical factors in choosing a small flashlight. The most important thing is to fit comfortably in your pocket. Maybe you may wear a coat to work outdoors, so that a larger flashlight will fit better, or in a factory environment, a long and narrow flashlight is more suitable to carry. For another group of office workers, they often wear jeans and like to put them in their jeans pockets, so small and delicate small flashlights are more suitable for this group of people.

The detail of the I3T EOS

The design of this i3T is very exquisite. Although it is a small flashlight that focuses on household EDC, i3T has very high-quality design and workmanship. The overall design of the flashlight is very modern. The first impression I just got this flashlight is It is very delicate, its length is 89 mm, the whole flashlight adopts a straight barrel design, the diameter of the barrel is 15 mm, this size is very convenient to carry, and the design of the raised button at the tail is also very convenient to operate.The overall i3T is made of aviation aluminum alloy material, which not only ensures the overall strength of the torch, but also ensures the lightweight of the equipment (only 39 grams including the battery). The flashlight can have stronger corrosion resistance and wear resistance. At the same time, after this layer of treatment, the overall texture of the flashlight is improved.

The lamp beads of i3T use LUXEON cold white LED from Philips. On this single-section AAA flashlight, the highest brightness of this lamp bead is 180LM, and there will be no stroboscopic in use, while the reflector of i3T uses PMMA material, the reflectivity can reach 95%, and the TIR lens structure is adopted to make the emitted light spot transition softer and more uniform.

As mentioned above, this small hand electrode has a modern style. This is reflected in the double spiral pattern design of the barrel, which is different from the rectangular thread design of most flashlights. This double spiral pattern can provide higher grip friction. At the same time it is more beautiful.

Located at the bottom of the barrel, a very long two-way holding clamp is set, and the top of the holding clamp is also provided with a lanyard hole. In actual use, you can feel that this holding clamp can have good toughness, and at the same time, it adopts a two-way The design can greatly improve the portable performance and applicable area of this flashlight.

And through the design of the reverse holding clip, we can fix this flashlight on the hat. Without the headlight, we can free our hands to realize the lighting needs. The light weight of i3T, there will be nothing on the hat. Feeling of falling.

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