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Christmas sale | Available at 8PM 13/12 —— 11:59PM 17/12 (AEDT)

Christmas sale | Available at 8PM 13/12 —— 11:59PM 17/12 (AEDT)

Dec 10, 2021, 00:00:00

FREE I1R 2 Pro

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Obulb MC Xmas Pack

✦ Green & Red Obulb MC: 7 colors are condensed into 8 modes to play with. White, red, green, blue, color fantasy. Perfect for Christmas! Have more fun during the holidays with some color!

✦  Obuddy Red: An astronaut-like charger, compatible with Obulb product family.

✦  Santa Cover: Adorable Santa Claus Cover helps you and your family more enjoy the Christmas atmosphere!

Obuddy Orange

The Obuddy is an astronaut-like charger compatible with Obulb product family. It looks like a cute spaceman and can be used as functional decoration for your desk, because it is also a convenient charger for the Obulb(not included). An MCC charging cable (not included) can be attached to the magnetic charging port on the astronaut’s backpack to provide the charger with power. The magnetic output port in its head then charges the Obulb (not included). Made of silicone, it is soft and comfortable to grip. After inserting an Obulb(not included) and turning it on, the Obuddy brings a bit of sci-fi to your world. Decorative and functional, the Obuddy is a great buy!

Odin GL M

✦ Dual Light Sources: Both a white LED light (up to 1,500 lumens and 215-meter beam distance) and a GL beam emitter (20-meter focal length) for accurate aiming.

✦ Three Selectable Modes: Switch between white light only, GL beam only, and white light & GL beam combined by twisting the selector ring on the head.

✦ Compatible with M-LOK Rail: The rail mount includes two M-LOK inserts and a lock button for easy and secure installation. Remote Control: The dual-button magnetic remote pressure switch locks tightly onto the tail switch, allowing quick light control without breaking your grip.

✦ Rechargeable Battery: The customized 5000mAh 21700 battery can be easily charged via the included MCC3 USB magnetic charging cable. 

Beagle ODG  

✦Harpoon-like Design: With a sharp centered tip, this blade is perfect for cutting and piercing tasks.

✦Compact Size: With a closed length of 4.3 inches and a convenient pocket clip, it is very comfortable and easy to carry.

✦Smooth and Safe Deployment: Quick and easy access with the intuitive dual thumb stubs. The Beagle also features a stout stainless liner lock ensuring an easy and safe lockup. 

Christmas Pack For You

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