Olight New Product Coming Out Now, Take A Look!

Olight New Product Coming Out Now, Take A Look!

Jul 15, 2022, 00:00:00

Here with an important announcement, We have many new products coming out this month. We think you’re going to love it. First of all, we fully upgrade our Obulb MC series. Now this Obulb pro version can be controlled via smartphone through Bluetooth. It's an innovative improvement for our team. As well, we will launch a new lantern light 'Olantern Classical pro'. This lantern is elegant and stylish in appearance. It is one of the best camping lights we promise. In addition, we prepared more products for different usages, such as tactical light 'Valkyrie turbo', multi-use Tool 'Opry Pro' and EDC Folding Knife 'Freeze 2'. As a way to celebrate the launch of these new products, we are giving anyone who purchases during the Olight winter sale up to 45% discount and free gift once you get login. So let's grab the deal in this winter.


Obulb Pro

Valkyrie turbo

Opry Pro

Olantern Classical 2 Pro/Lite

Freeze 2

1. Obulb Pro

Good News, we have upgraded a new revolutionary feature for the Obulb series. The new feature will help you to realize a remote control when you use Olight Obulb Pro. Connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth, you can change its mode, brightness, and color, and check the remaining power and runtime via the OLIGHT APP which was independently developed by the Olight R&D team. You can download the Olight app from the App Store or Google Play.

Obulb pro has 7 lighting Modes Available, such as warm white light, red/green/blue light, red flash, fade between 7 colors, and cycle between 7 colors. Just choose your favorite lighting style and enjoy a colorful life.

The Obulb Pro can easily withstand hard drops due to its spherical shape and durable materials. It can be used as an amazing floating light thanks to its IPX7 waterproof rating. It has a wide range of use scenarios such as camping, nightlight, roadside emergency, power outage, etc.

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2. Valkyrie turbo

Valkyrie turbo is the world's first LEP weapon light for short setups (FDA Registered with accession number:2220327-00). Using LEP light source to illuminate your target over great distances, it results in an exceptionally tight spotlight with a very long throw, far more than you can get compared to a traditional LED light. We can’t over how groundbreaking this technology is.

It is Much Brighter At The Same Distance, With its narrow and almost no spill LEP beam, its light intensity is much higher while the light throws in the same distance, which makes it much brighter and suitable for the defensive purposes of momentarily blinding. Taking advantage of LEP's tight spotlight, the Valkyrie Turbo will help you not only identify the object clearly but also lock the target without distraction in the dark. It will be your best choice for range practice, self-defense, law enforcement, outdoor hunting, etc.

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3. Opry Pro

The main body is 2.76 inches in length, 1.64 ounces in weight, 1.02 inches in width, and 0.46 inches in thickness. The Opry Pro is small yet robust, lightweight, and easy to grasp with one hand.  It can be tightly clipped to book pages, shirts, and jeans, or even used as a money clip. the wrench and screwdriver come in different sizes or specifications to meet your specific needs.

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4. Olantern Classical 2 Pro

The Olantern Classic 2 Pro is an Olight-tech rechargeable LED lantern with retro style. It is elegant and practical. The all-metal housing withstands daily impacts and its IPX5 rating makes it resistant to water splashes and light rain. This lantern is ready for your outdoor adventures! The lantern can be used in the yard, tent, ambient lighting, power outage emergency lighting, as a night light, or as a party decoration.

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5. Freeze 2

The Freeze 2 is a versatile EDC folding knife with a drop point blade made of 154CM stainless steel. Its 3.32in blade boasts HRC60 hardness and excellent edge retention. The drop point style blade can perform precision work and tackle most tasks in daily life. It’s perfect for cutting, chopping, peeling, piercing, and much more.

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