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Olight 15th Anniversary New Release Guidance

Olight 15th Anniversary New Release Guidance

Apr 19, 2022, 00:00:00

    On the 15th of April 2022, Olight have officially turned 15 years old! We have spent countless hours building up this incredible Olight community which is the lifeblood of our brand. It's amazing to see all our partners and fans brightening their lives with Olight products! We will never stop appreciating our fans to the fullest, which is why we are here to formally invite you to our upcoming online anniversary event! You’re an integral part of the Olight community and we hope that you can join us!


Now, let’s lift the veil and preview what we have in store for this event!


1. Silver & Higher Level Who purchased until to 16pm 18/04/2022 will get logged in free gift iXV 

2.Other customers will get logged in free gift iXV in any purchase over $15

Note: Free gifts are strictly 1 per person, free shipping is not included and gifts do not stack. Stock is limited and may run out at any time.

1.iXV Keychain Light

This special edition keychain light is based on the i1R2 Pro, and is being presented in this premium configuration in celebration of Olight's 15-year anniversary. The iXV will only be produced during this time, so be sure to pick one up during the 15th-anniversary sale. The name of course comes from the Roman Numerals for 15, (XV) with the I denoting the series of lights to which it belongs.

  iXV Keychain Light

The body of the light is totally unique. The Titanium version feels substantial in the hand, and the visual details are unlike those used on any Olight so far. The vertical fluted lines carved in the body allow for a useful grip, while also being very attractive. The Olight logo and iXV markings shines bright like a mirror. With the titanium material,the engraved flutes, and beautifully printed logos, the iXV Ti looks like it should contain a set of tools to compliment a finely crafted Swiss watch. Instead, it contains a USB-C rechargeable battery, and the capability to summon up to 180 lumens of neutral white light on your command.,

2. New Arrivals that you can not miss!

The whole new unique colour design is arriving! Olight LED torches with special colours or pattern design, are practical illumination tools, also premium collections and impressive gifts.



  ①    Olight Warrior 3S 2300 Lumens Tactical Torch-Black or Gunmetal Grey


✦  Leading Performance: A cool white LED paired with a TIR optic lens that delivers up to 2,300 lumens with a max throw of 300 metres.

✦  Enhanced Protection: Built-in proximity sensor that drops the brightness level to protect against any nearby objects while turned on high, turbo or strobe mode.


The Warrior 3s retains all the rest of the popular features of the Warrior 3, like tactical mode, lockout mode, two position reversible pocket clip, compatibility with locking remote switches,and Olight's signature multi-indicator.One feature that enhances practicality, is the auto-off feature. If an obstruction is detected for more than 60 seconds, the light turns itself off. To reactivate, simply use the tail cap or the side switch as normal. This makes turning the light on again totally seamless. This feature not only prevents overheating but also saves your battery from excess and unintentional usage

  Odin GL Mini

This is a brand new addition to the Odin line of weapon lights designed to meet a specific niche market. For those with long guns who need a powerful light with intermediate beam distance combined with a fully adjustable green laser, while maintaining a small lightweight footprint. Perfect for a small carbine or sidearm inspired build. the Olight GL Mini is perfectly suited for the purpose.

Fully compatible with Olight's range of locking remote switches, the Olight GL Mini comes with all the mounting hardware to mount on your firearm's picatinny accessory rail. It is also equipped with an adjustment key to aim the green laser. The Odin mounting system allows for quick release of the light and with the optional finger grip ring, you can quickly transition from the light mounted on your rig to a compact handheld light/laser combo, a very unique capability.

Using a custom sized battery allows the light to meet its performance goals while maintaining a small footprint. Peak brightness is 1,000 lumens. The second of the two brightness settings is 200 lumens and will have a maximum run time of over 3 hours.

The new Olight GL fits the specific needs that have required compromise up to this point. Now you can have a fully functional, powerful, reliable weapon light with an adjustable laser, and in the exact size you need to fit your specific build.

3. 15th Anniversary Limited Copper   

     i3T Plus EOS Ancient Bamboo


  The i3t plus is Olight's first attempt at a technical inspection light. Perfect for the mechanic or technician who wants his flashlight to have a perfect combination between brightness and flexibility . This special edition model takes this practical light and turns it into a work of art. To showcase its proud cultural heritage, the bamboo texture is CNC engraved on a solid raw brass body. The thin body, paired with the soft swell of each prong and the detailed vertical grain, make this lamp an absolute pleasure to hold in your hands. It really is a lamp that is as pleasant to hold in your hand and gaze at as it is to carry and use. It is a beautiful conversation piece and a delightful and practical item to carry and hold. Don't miss this unique and beautiful piece of pocket jewelry.


Warrior Mini 2 Cu



The Warrior Mini 2 Copper joins a proud collection of solid copper Olights that are a purist's dream. Keeping the standard knurling pattern, every cut feels sharp and precise. This CNC machined copper Olight starts out shining like a new penny, but over time, this fixture will become a unique heirloom. As you use it, it reacts to your hand and to the environment it's in,creating a shine all its own. This makes the Warrior Mini 2 Cu not only an everyday companion, but an accessory that grows with time. There are many similar products out there, but there is no doubt that this one is for you.

The key practical feature of a copper lamp is its heat dissipation. Aluminum lamps build up heat in the head of the lamp, where the heat is generated. A lamp body made of copper is a conductor of energy, dispersing heat evenly along the length of the lamp. This is good for usability because the lamp does not get hot. There are also benefits to longevity because the electronics inside are protected from excess heat. The hidden benefit is that the copper lamp also serves as a novelty hand warmer in cold climates like ours.

The Warrior Mini 2 is a very capable everyday carry option and it is only a matter of time before it is available in raw copper. That time is now. Don't delay, as it is sure to sell out quickly.

Open Pro Brass Bark


    Some of the finest and most valuable ballpoint and fountain pens in the world are made of solid brass. For the past 15 years, Olight has a proud history of creating limited edition models from exotic materials. Brass has always been one of the most highly requested premium metals and it was only a matter of time before Olight released pens made from this material, which is very popular in the industry. After releasing the Open Pro in zirconium, titanium and brushed brass, the next logical step was the one we have in front of us. The Open Pro in brass bark.Constructed of CNC machined solid brass, its exterior decoration resembles a tree. Its intricate and interwoven bark pattern gives a sense of connection to nature through its texture and the unique feel of brass in the hand. It weighs about 5 grams lighter than the Open Pro brass pen, but about 4 grams heavier than the titanium pen, and feels substantial in the hand and cool to the touch.

35% off on 15th Anniversary Cu Pack: Warrior Mini 2 Cu+Open Pro Brass Bark+I3T Plus Ancient Bamboo Bundle      Available: Apr 24, 2022, 20:00:00 - Apr 29, 2022, 00:00:00

 4.Four hours only


 20%off on April limited sale Olight Nightour 90 Lumens Table Lamp/ Warm White Light + RGB LED Available: Apr 27, 2022, 20:00:00 - Apr 28, 2022, 00:00:00

The new Nightour is an aluminum table lamp that combines a multi-color stem with a removable head. The perforated stem houses a set of 8 to 60 lumens of warm white LEDs and a set of RGB LEDs to create colorful ambient lighting. In addition, the RGB LEDs support a gradual rotation of 256 colors, which is just gorgeous. Both warm white and RGB light can be customized and steplessly adjusted by flipping the metal two-way toggle switch at the bottom.

25%off on April limited sale  X9R Marauder 25,000 Lumens Rechargeable Tactical LED Torch-OD Green/Black    Available: Available:Apr 27, 2022, 20:00:00 - Apr 28, 2022, 00:00:00

    The X9R Marauder is the largest and highest output flashlight ever produced by Olight reaching an incredible 25,000 lumens. The X9R flashlifght is equipped with six Cree XHP70.2 LED and is powered by a rechargeable battery pack combining eight high discharge rate 18650 batteries. The custom heat dissipation system ensures that the flashlight provides constant and safe high output settings. The output settings are controlled through a side switch surrounded by 8 blue indicators on each side displaying your output level, remaining battery capacity, or the charging status. Ergonomic milled finger grooves ensure a comfortable grip no matter what size hands are holding it. This high output flashlight is delivered in a large carrying case including a charging cable and comfortable shoulder strap for convenient carry.




30%off on April limited sale Olight Warrior X Turbo 1100 lumens Tactical Flashlight-Black/Grey Camouflage Available: Apr 26, 2022, 20:00:00 - Apr 27, 2022, 00:00:00

30%off on April limited sale Warrior X Turbo Hunting Kit  Available: Apr 26, 2022, 20:00:00 - Apr 28, 2022, 00:00:00

The Warrior X Turbo is a new tactical thrower that produces a far-reaching light beam. In its compact size, the Warrior X Turbo delivers a max output of 1,100 lumens, a max throw of 1,000 meters, and enjoys a max runtime of 12.5 hours. It carries on various features of the Warrior X series. The simple and aggressive design asserts its tactical identity. The magnetic tail switch also serves as the connection port for the magnetic charging cable and the magnetic remote pressure switch. Moreover, the tailcap is reshaped to fit the remote pressure switch more securely. With great performance and rich accessories, the Warrior X Turbo is an ideal lighting tool for hunting, search and rescue, law enforcement and outdoor activities.




Why Do Olight Torches Use Customised Batteries and Magnetic Charging?



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