Here is a brief introduction to the Olantern Classic 2 Pro. Are you in ?

Here is a brief introduction to the Olantern Classic 2 Pro. Are you in ?

Jul 26, 2022, 00:00:00

After launching our new upgraded product, 'Olantern classic 2 Pro', we received feedback from a lot of clients expressing their love for this lantern light. We are so proud of our R&D team's efforts and achievements. From Olantern to Olantern Classic 2 Pro, let me explain how the Olantren series evolved. But first, let's look at the previous two versions of Olantern:


An excellent all-around lantern, this Olantern distributes light evenly and steadily in all directions. There are two LED modules, one that emits white light and one that emits flaming light, that can be interchanged for fun and scenario-based illumination. LED modules with white light have three adjustable settings: 30 lumens, 120 lumens, and 360 lumens. A magnetic charging cable recharges four 1900mAh lithium-ion batteries, which can run for up to 80 hours on a single charge. Several placement options are available for the stable base and hanging hook. Daily use and splashes of water won't damage it. During the day, the battery indicator around the button illuminates and fades to reveal the button when it is dark.

Olantern is more than just a lantern. There are two LED modules for versatile illumination. The design is sleek and the functions are reliable. It has a 360° light distribution, a hanging hook, and a magnetic charging system... With the Olantern, you can have a good time indoors and outdoors.

As well as this series, there is another one called "Olantern mini". It is a compact outdoor light that features a balanced 360-degree beam. It is so small that you can fit it in one of your palms. Its handle also works as a hook, making it easy to carry and position. Its body is mainly made of zinc alloy, allowing it to be tough yet lightweight. It also features a built-in lithium-ion battery that can be charged quickly using the included USB magnetic charging cable. The Olantern Mini is a refined product to light your home and adventures.

Olantern Classic

The Olantern Classic is a retro LED lantern that delivers an even 360-degree light distribution. It features two LED modules. The 3 filament-like LEDs in the middle emit a soft and cozy low warm orange light, while the 8 LEDs under the cap produce a brighter warm white light for more practical uses. The two LED modules are safely contained in a transparent PC plastic cover that is protected by steel guards. The stable base and wrapped metal handle enable flexible placement options. The rotary knob switch above the cap is smooth to adjust its brightness. It runs up to 78 hours with 3 standard AA batteries. Rated IPX5 water-resistant, it is ready to cope with harsh environments. Elegant and practical, the Olantern Classic will be a tasteful addition to your campsite, courtyard, and home.

As it was only ever intended to be a limited production run, it sold out very quickly and was discontinued by Olight recently. Olantern Classic fans may be disappointed with the discontinuation, but their disappointment will only last a short time. Right now, Olight is launching the Olantern Classic 2 Lite/Pro, an upgraded version of the Olantern Classic. The uniqueness of this product deserves a closer look.

Olantern Classic 2 Pro 

The Olantern Classic 2 Pro is an Olight-tech rechargeable LED lantern with retro style. This lantern delivers an even 360-degree light distribution for power outages and backyard get-togethers. Simply rotate the stepless-dimming knob to reach an orange or warm white light to preserve night vision. The two LED modules are safely contained in a transparent PC plastic cover that is protected by stainless steel guards. It has a built-in 11200mAh battery pack and features USB-C and USB magnetic charging. With USB-A and USB-C outputs, it can also be used as an emergency power bank. In addition, the stable base, covered stainless steel handle, and hang ring enables flexible placement options while in use. Elegant and practical, the retro-style Olantern Classic 2 Pro is the perfect addition to your campsite, backyard, or emergency situations.

Designed with an old-school look, the Olantern Classic 2 Pro is inspired by classic barn-style lanterns. A step-less dimming ambient light has both a warm orange and white light that features 10-300 lumens. Two warm light options will make you feel cozy. Charging cable options include USB-C and Olight MCC charging cables. The lantern has a long runtime and two ways to charge it. Using a high-powered adapter, it takes only 4 hours to charge fully via USB-C. Enjoy a runtime of up to 7.5 days! This Emergency Power Bank has 2 USB ports (USB-C and USB-A) and supports reverse charging at 18W, making it the perfect solution for charging mobile phones, small fans, and small speakers.

In addition to being used as a party decoration, the lantern can also be used as an ambient lighting source, emergency lighting during a power outage, or as a nightlight. The Olantern Classic 2 Pro will improve your daily activities! A sturdy base allows you to place it on flat surfaces, and the portable handle makes it easy to carry and hang. More stable when using the hanging ring. Easily check real-time power and charging with the power and charging indicator. While charging, the charging status is visible at a glance. Its all-metal housing is resistant to daily shocks and water splashes, and it is rated IPX5 for water resistance. Outdoor adventures are made easy with this lantern!

What Olantern Classic 2 Pro differs from Olantern

☑️There are two different light modules available for the lantern classic 2 Pro, a warm orange module and a warm white module. The Olantern has two types of lighting modules: warm light and flaming light. From the table below, we can see that the Olantern Classic 2 Pro can work for 180 hours at maximum, which is a lot longer than Olantern. It's a great upgrade for Olantern series. So this product can meet your requirements for staying outdoors for longer than a week.

☑️Olantern classic 2 Pro is mainly made of Metal,  So it's bigger and heavier than Olantern. Also in appearance, you can see the Olantern is more elegant and vintage-style.

What’s Olantern Classic 2 Pro included?

The Olantern Classic 2 Pro includes the lantern, a USB C charging cable, and the user manual.

What are the colors available for Olantern Classic 2 Pro?

Three colors are available at the moment. They come in three colors: forest green, clay beige, and vintage copper.

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