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Definition and  Guide for the Tactical Torch

Definition and Guide for the Tactical Torch

Oct 27, 2021, 00:00:00

A tactical torch is a high-brightness torch used in the military or law enforcement field. It can be handheld or mounted on weapons. That's why most people use the tactical torch as a professional device. However, it's equally important for a person or a family to possess one for self-defense.

Content List

  • What is the best tactical torch?

  • Are tactical torches legal?

  • How many lumens are suitable for a tactical torch?

  • How many lumens is a military torch?

  • Will 2000 lumens make you blind?

  • Which type of torch does police use?

  • Why do the police need to carry a tactical flashlight as a law enforcement tool?

  • How many lumens is a police torch?

  • Why do police use red torches?

  • Is it illegal to flash the torchlight at someone?

  • Is it worthwhile to purchase an expensive torch?

  • What kind of torch does the army use?

  • Why is the military torch made in a rectangular shape?

What is the best tactical torch?

Often, the best tactical torch is also the most practical light.  Everydaycarry once published a tactical light review that introduced the Top 10 most practical tactical flashlights and brands in great detail.

In terms of performance, these 10 torches are all very good choices. The following are the official selling prices and search popularity of these 10 torches:

Olight Warrior X Pro                

ThruNite BSS V4                



390 times/month                

10 times/month                

Nitecore P10i                

Streamlight Stinger 2020                





Fenix TK16 V2.0                

Acebeam L35                





Surefire G2X Pro                

EAGTAC GX30L2-R MKII                





COAST XP18R                

Elzetta Bravo B333                





Are tactical torches legal?

A tactical torch is originally a lighting tool brighter than ordinary torches, rather than an offensive weapon. Therefore,  it's completely legal. You can take a tactical torch to theaters, offices, airplanes, or even other public places where weapons are not allowed. According to local laws in Australia, carrying offensive weapons in public, regardless of one's intention, will be deemed illegal. On the one hand, though a tactical torch can be used as a self-defense tool, it can only cause temporary burning in one's eyes for a quick escape when a stranger approaches.  On the other hand, you can use the aggressive bezel of a tactical torch to break the glass when you are unfortunately trapped in a car. Though with characteristics of a weapon, the tactical torch still lacks offensive functions.

How many lumens are suitable for a tactical torch?

Lumen is the energy and power emitted by light, in layman's terms, it is brightness. Candela is the illuminance of light and refers to the range of illumination. Generally speaking, if the brightness of a torch exceeds 90 lumens, it has certain tactical characteristics. If it is carried daily or at home, a torch of 150 lumens can reach the tactical level. However, when you need high-intensity outdoor activities, a handheld light of at least 300 lumens can be your tactical torch choice. However, the size of lumens depends on your actual use. Generally, tactical torches with higher lumens are used only for professional needs.

How many lumens is a military torch?

With a limited economic budget, ordinary tactical torches can actually meet most of the needs. However, when you need to perform tasks or potentially dangerous night activities, military-grade tactical torches are usually a better choice. For daily attendance, patrol security, and delivery drivers are all good choices. Military torches usually output 300 to 1000 lumens. Tactical torches like Olight generally reach more than 1000 lumens and have higher performance.

Will 2000 lumens make you blind?

The 2000 lumens tactical torch is already very bright. Tactical torches usually use cool white LEDs, which are very dazzling beam colors. Under normal circumstances, reaching 300 lumens can already make people lose their vision for a short time. If it reaches 2000 lumens, it will only make the feeling of blindness longer, and it will not completely make people blind.

What type of torch does police use?

The bright flashlight used by the police usually has the following characteristics:

  • Small size, black appearance, can be put in the leather case of duty belt

  • Tail switch, arm or arm is more labor-saving

  • LED bulb, rechargeable battery, long-running time, suitable for high-intensity outdoor and duty

  • Neutral or cool white beam, used for search and interrogation

  • One key to turn on the maximum brightness mode for emergency or warning

  • Turn on the strobe mode for sending signals

Since the police is often a long-term activity, small size, long running time, and high brightness are the biggest characteristics of police flashlights.

Why do the police need to carry a tactical flashlight as a law enforcement tool?

In daily attendance work, the police often face various emergencies. On the one hand, when searching for and pursuing suspects, you need to travel through dark alleys or remote corners. The strong light mode of the tactical flashlight can expand the field of vision. On the other hand, especially when searching and interrogating suspects, a flashlight is needed to check whether there is contraband in the car. Drugs like marijuana are often stimulants used by criminals in remote places to indulge. In order to ensure the safety of public order, law enforcement officers will use tactical flashlights to find hidden criminal evidence.

How many lumens is a police torch?

In order to reduce the difficulty of law enforcement and improve safety, police usually choose a torch with at least 3000 lumens. However, because the torch with a brightness of 3000 lumens is also expensive, it is not cost-effective for personal use.

Why do police use red torches?

Red usually represents a hazard or warning notice. The main reason that the police use red torches is not to interfere with the night vision of other law enforcement officers. Because human eyes cannot adapt to the dark under white or blue light for a long time, while red light can adapt completely, the police or rescue personnel can save a lot of time. On the other hand, red light is not as dazzling as white light, so it can relieve the fatigue of the police's eyes during night activities to a certain extent.

Is it illegal to flash the torchlight at someone?

The tactical torch is a strong light torch. Only when you are on your way home alone and meet a stranger or a hostile person approaching, illuminate the opponent with a torch to make them blind for a short time

Is the expensive torch worth it?

Cheap goods are not good, good goods are not cheap. A torch is an electronic product, so circuit design is the core. Inexpensive lamps usually do not have high-quality circuit boards and temperature control systems, which will cause the heat generated by the torch at the highest brightness to be unable to be controlled in time, which has caused a potential explosion hazard. A tactical torch, as a kind of expensive lamp, has very strict requirements on the circuit and temperature control system. When the temperature of the torch reaches a certain level, the built-in computer system will automatically stop consuming energy to quickly cool down, thereby improving the safety of use. Therefore, paying a certain budget for expensive torches can not only meet basic needs but also ensure safety. Tactical torches like Oight have a high-quality circuit-designed temperature control system and first-class after-sales service.

What torch does the army use?

During combat missions, soldiers often need to conduct search activities in uncertain areas. Due to various accidents and dangers on the battlefield, the military usually uses durable lights. Especially with the characteristics of waterproof and drop resistance, the service life of the tactical torch will have a longer shelf life. Olight's tactical torches not only use a solid aluminum alloy body, but also use a magnetic charging design on the basis of charging and waterproofing, ensuring that law enforcement personnel can also have military-level lighting tools.

Why is the military torch made in a rectangular shape?

During the Second World War in the last century, military personnel found that when performing tasks, they needed to twist their wrists or arms to adjust the illuminated area, which caused some inconvenience in use. Later, the manufacturer changed the head of the torch to a 90-degree shape according to military requirements and ergonomics. When navigating in areas that are not bright, the soldier uses a right-angle torch more comfortably, the wrist and arm no longer need to be twisted, it can be used more easily, making the pressure less. Secondly, when soldiers want to keep illuminating the current area, they can place the torch in a horizontal position, and then they can free their hands for other tasks. More importantly, the military right-angle torch has a durable design. The shell is made of three-stage oxidation material and O-ring waterproof. The curved design can also prevent damage to the lens and bulb after being accidentally broken.

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