An Updated Tactical Torch Not to Be Missed

An Updated Tactical Torch Not to Be Missed

Jul 09, 2022, 20:00:00

At the end of last year, Olight released the third generation of Warrior Family--Warrior 3. The Warrior 3S achieved great improvement in light performance compared with the Warrior 3. In addition, its appearance is more concise with refined details, especially the battery level and brightness level display integrated on the side switch. As a new generation of small tactical torch, the Warrior 3S has been enjoying great popularity since its launch.

As a re-evolution of the straight-tube tactical torch, the upgraded version of the Warrior 3S draws on public feedback and adopts proximity sensor to further enhance safety. The redesigned bezel is gentle enough to prevent clothing from being poked through when stowed. Let’s take a round look at the specific performance of the Warrior 3S.

The appearance of Warrior 3S does not look significantly different from its predecessor at a cursory glance, but there is a number of optimized improvement made to the details. Its body diameter is 29.5mm, the length is 139mm and it weights 176 grams. The body is made of aircraft aluminium with a three-stage hard-oxidized surface. And the two-way clip makes it easy and convenient to carry.

The Warrior 3S is a dual-switch torch. In addition to the tail switch, it has a side switch which can independently control the torch. Unlike the previous single indicator that shows the battery level in different colors, the dual side indicators allow us to keep track of the remaining power and the current brightness( 4 brightness levels and 5 battery levels, the indicator will turn red when the remaining power is less than 10%). The side switch of Warrior 3S is not rotatable, which is different from that of Seeker 3.

The knurling on the body, head and tail is redesigned. The speedy bullet head shape, instead of the previous teardrop shape, makes it more tactical and increases the friction as well. So that it become effortless and easy to screw and unscrew the tail cap.

The shape of the hexagonal nut at the head highlights the convex surface, which plays an important part in terms of anti-rolling. Another improvement to the head is the smoother bezel, which can help to avoid poking clothing or be used as an emergency tool to break windows). The blue ring (the stainless steel pressure ring) is good-looking. When it is accidentally dropped, it can act as a buffer to protect the torch head. The knurling on the middle body is uneven, which is easy to hold and also helps to ventilate sweat.

The classic "gas stove" three-legged shape at the tail of the torch can play a good supporting role when standing upside down. Its tail switch has two-stage press and two program configurations. The factory default is medium bright when light pressing, extremely bright when press hard, and turn off when release. It can also be set to be extremely bright when light pressing, and flash by pressing hard (press the side switch again while re-pressing the tail switch to change between the two configurations). There is no sound when the tail switch is clicked, which is convenient for silent firing.

The tail is magnetic so it will not fall when hung upside down on the surface of iron objects, which can meet the lighting needs in certain scenarios. In addition, the thread of the outer ring on the tail cap can be used with a remote pressure switch to achieve tactical light/constant light. 

The package contents include Warrior 3S(battery included), MCC3 magnetic charging cable, user manual, a two-way pocket clip and a nylon holster. The nylon holster is more secure than the Velcro closure. In addition, its material is relatively soft, so you won’t feel uncomfortable when placing it around your waist.

Powered by a single customized 5000mAh 21700 lithium battery guarantees long runtime. It can last for 55 days under the moonlight mode, and even the most commonly used medium brightness mode can also be used continuously for 13 hours. It takes about 5 hours to fully charge the Warrior 3S with the MCC3.

The light transmittance of the TIR lens is very good. While concentrating the light, the beam is soft and even. The main and auxiliary light spots are clearly distinguished and the light output is very stable, with a constant current circuit, and there is no strobe when switching modes.

The lighting system of the Warrior 3S is the same as that of the Warrior 3, which is still the Luminus SFT-70X-W lamp bead(cool white), with TIR lens (Made from plastics and without toughened glass, so should be used carefully), the brightness of its main light spot is very high with a max output of 2300 lumens and the max throw can reach 300 metres. It can be said that it has achieved a good balance in terms of brightness and throw.

The central spot of the Warrior 3S is bright and even, with a clear separation between the primary and secondary spots, and the coverage area of the secondary spot is large. It is sufficient to turn on medium or high brightness for daily paving.

The main light spot is responsible for long-range throw, and the secondary light spot is responsible for paving the way. It can be used in indoor environments, such as corridors and hallways. It’s not dazzling when illuminates. The brightness is evenly distributed and there is no greenish glow at low brightness levels.

The torch has five levels of brightness: Moonlight; Low(15 lumens,130 hours,25 metres); Medium(200 lumens, 13 hours, 90 metres); High(800 lumens, 180 metres) and Turbo(2300 lumens, 300 metres). It also has flash mode and lockout function and double-click in any state can directly enter the turbo mode.

Unlike the Warrior 3, the Warrior 3S is equipped with a proximity sensor which can automatically reduce the brightness when it encounters an obstacle and will automatically turn off if the obstruction continues for a minute.

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