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Australia O-fan Day Guide in September 2021

Australia O-fan Day Guide in September 2021

Tens of thousands of customers from 0 to today are all because of your support. The annual O-FAN-DAY, in order to thank O-FAN for their trust, We do a series of grateful rewarding activities for O-FAN, waiting for you to participate.

一.REGISTER/ LOG IN ----> Get a Free I1R2 Orange/ Black/ Desert Tan

Every O-fan can log in to receive a free I1R2 automatically added to their cart.

As there're 3 colours, you may receive an I1R 2 in orange, black or desert tan randomly.

二. Our Story Together

From 17/09 to 30/09, each O-fan can post their Olight story on the section, and then get a chance to score surprise gifts.

More likes you get, more chances of winning!



Max output of 4,200 lumens, 31% higher than the Seeker 2 Pro. Press or rotate the highly integrated rotary knob switch to quickly access different output levels.  Intuitive indicators dashboard forclearly revealing the battery and brightness levels. 


Rechargeable Battery:Customized 1420mAh lithium-ion battery that integrates a USB Type-C interface for charging. High Performance: It delivers a max output of 350 lumens and a max throw of 64 meters.  


Strong Performance: Max 1,100 lumens with 1,000-meter throw. perfect for search, rescue, and other emergency applications. Reliable & Professional: Tactical ring, aggressive bezel, tail switch, and super strong performance, using this to protect yourself


The portable wireless charger makes the battery life reach 94 days.No more battery anxiety,charging is like a breeze. The portable wireless charger makes the battery life reach 94 days.


Green Laser & LED: Whether you're writing, reading, or in a presentation, the OPen Pro innovative 3-in-1 design including a pen, green laser, and a light will have you covered. Easy Activation: L-type Bolt Action with LED switch, easy to extend/retract the tip, or activate the light with a single upward push.


Max 1,000 lumens with a runtime up to 30 hours. Use the side switch or simply wave your hand in front of the head. The light can be tilted precisely 60 degrees to satisfy any angle you need.


Max 600-lumen with a 100-metre throw.  Aim the light precisely with the 60-degree adjustable design. The whole product weighs only 109g/3.84oz


Delicate & Durable: Palm-size and zinc alloy body, keeping your gear lightweight.  Outdoor friendly: 360° white and red lights, ideal illumination for both campsite and emergency. Motion-sensitive battery indicator: fading on and off to help locate the lantern in the darkness


Max 14000-lumen output, a beam of 800 metres,12 surrounding LEDs. Built-in 54Wh rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack ensuring up to 59 hours of runtime. Capable of 30W charging and 30W reverse charging


Polychromatic &Multifunctional: 7 colors are condensed into 8 modes to play with. White, red, green, blue, color fantasy. Ideal for party time, night reading, kids' sleeping companions, etc.


COB module that produces ample near-field floodlight when repairing things or working. Extra LED at its head to deliver a focused beam just like an EDC flashlight.


Max 1,000-lumen output and 100-metre beam distance. Multifunctional use as an EDC flashlight or headlamp.Remarkable duty patch has a 60-degree rotation convenience.


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Olight O-fan Day 2021 – Our Story Together!

Olight O-fan Day 2021 – Our Story Together!

Olight Australia is the official office for the Australia registered in Y'2017 .

Tens of thousands of customers from 0 to today are all because of your support. The annual O-FAN-DAY, in order to thank O-FAN for their trust, We do a series of grateful rewarding activities for O-FAN, waiting for you to participate.


In September of 2019, our enthusiasm for Olight flashlights brought us to the City of Smyrna, Georgia, where for the first time, we gathered and shared our Olight stories face-to-face and celebrated our first O-fan Day, which has become an Olight tradition to deliver our sincerest thanks and appreciation to our O-fans.


Online Party & More Surprises

This year, albeit we are thousands of miles apart and O-fan Day will be celebrated online, we believe our O-fans across the oceans will still feel how much we care about the friendship between us, and how determined we are to continue to bring you surprises and happiness. A series of activities will also be launched as early as September 17th at 23:00 pm AEST to reciprocate the steadfast support and trust of our O-fans. For example, by signing in for the event via www.olightstore.com.au  each day, Also, don’t forget to share your Olight story, following the instructions on the page, where you will be able to score an amazing EDC pouch for free. 


New Release & Flash Sale

For our O-fans who would like to update their outdoor gear or further complete their Olight collection, we are incredibly excited to announce that from September 26th at 8 pm AEST to September 30th at midnight AEST, a 5-day long flash sale will be launched for you to score as many discounts as possible! New products, including the latest flashlight intended for outdoor application and improved significantly in performance, a newly designed, and a foldable work light with a minimalist design are sure to exceed expectations.

In addition to all the tips and hints shared above, there are still many surprises for you to explore during our event. Whether you are new to our tribe or not, you will become part of the family as long as you share the happiness and excitement of our O-fan Day. Be there or be square, Olight O-fan Day!

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Seeker 2 VS Seeker 2 Pro: Rechargeable Side-switch LED Flashlight

Seeker 2 VS Seeker 2 Pro: Rechargeable Side-switch LED Flashlight

As one of Olight’s best sellers, Seeker Series definitely deserves a lot more attention than it currently does.


Be it applied in the household, outdoor, or law enforcement fields, Seeker Series won’t disappoint anyone.


Until now, this series has two members: Seeker 2 & Seeker 2 Pro.


We will start with a brief introduction on these two members.


Basic Introduction

Seeker 2

Simply Powerful


Powered by a single 21700 (5000 mAh) customized lithium rechargeable battery, the Seeker 2 delivers a maximum output of 3,000 lumens. Using three highly efficient OSRAM LEDs paired with a TIR optic lens help to provide a perfect medium and close-range illumination experience.


The Seeker 2 also features a large side switch, located near the head of the light, for comfortable thumb operation. The indicator built into the center of the switch clearly displays the remaining battery power with a green, orange or red color. The contoured grooves on the surface of the aluminum alloy body is designed to provide a comfortable non-slip grip.


Compatible with most USB power sources, the magnetic charging cable is convenient to use, making the Seeker 2 a perfect illumination tool to be used at home, outdoors, or on duty.


Seeker 2 Pro

L-dock Charging, On-the-go LED Flashlight


The Seeker 2 pro is a powerful, rechargeable side-switch LED flashlight. Powered by a single, maximum capacity, (5000mAh) 21700 customized lithium rechargeable battery, that helps this light deliver a maximum output of 3200 lumens. It uses high-quality LEDs paired with a TIR optic lens, providing a perfect medium and close-range illumination experience.


The Seeker 2 pro also features a large side switch located near the head of the light for comfortable thumb operation and indicators on both sides of the switch clearly display the battery power and brightness level. With milled finger grooves and dermatoglyphic silicone, the Seeker 2 pro is ergonomically designed to be extremely comfortable and provides a non-slip grip.


The Seeker 2 pro includes a 3.9 ft long 1A magnetic USB cable (The MCC1AL is compatible with OLIGHT S, M, and H series). The provided L-dock can be attached to or fixed on a wall close to a power source for quick and easy access. Compatible with most USB power sources, the magnetic charging cable is convenient to use, making it an ideal illumination kit to be used at home, outdoors, or while on duty.


Then a detailed comparison between Seeker 2 and Seeker 2 Pro to show their pros and cons in technical terms.


General DataSeeker 2Seeker 2 Pro
Max Performance(lumens)3000
Beam Distance(ft/m)721/220
Light Intensity(candela)
Form/Size Factor
Large Size(Deodorant Spray/Coke Can)
Large Size(Deodorant Spray/Coke Can)
Series Seeker(Rechargeable)Series Seeker(Rechargeable)
Lens/Reflector Type
Smooth Reflector(Central Area and Flood Area)
Smooth Reflector(Central Area and Flood Area)
Charge TypeMagnetic USB Charging CableMagnetic Charging Cable
Compatible BatteriesCustomized 21700 5000mAhCustomized 21700 5000mAh

Lighting LevelsSeeker 2 Seeker 2 Pro
Level 1
3000—600 lumens/3+155 mins3200—600 lumens/2+150 mins
Level 21200—600 lumens/110+50 mins
1200—600 lumens/110+30 mins
Level 3300 lumens/13 hours300 lumen/9.7 hours
Level 450 lumens/72 hours
50 lumens/50 hours
Level 55 lumens/15 days
5 lumens/12 days


Technical CharacteristicsSeeker 2Seeker 2 Pro
Head Diameter(mm/in)35/1.3835/1.38
Body Diameter(mm/in)27.5/1.08
OSRAM LED Cool White
PackagingCarton Gift Box
Carton Gift Box

Search & Rescue, Camping, Industrial, 

Police, Security, Self Defence, Outdoor

Search & Rescue, Camping, Industrial, 

Police, Security, Self Defence, Outdoor

Package Contents

Seeker 2(Battery Included)✖1

0.5m MCC1A Magnetic Charging Cable✖1


User Manual✖1

Seeker 2 Pro(Battery Included)✖1

MCC1A Magnetic Charging Cable✖1

Self-adhesive Ply-yarn Drill✖2

L-dock Charging Kit✖1


Cleaning Cloth✖1

User Manual✖1

Unique Characteristics of Seeker 2 Pro


As the upgraded version of Seeker 2, Seeker 2 Pro surely is superior in many ways.


1. More Colours & More Choices


Seeker 2 has only been designed in classic black and blue, while Seeker 2 Pro provides yet 5 more colours, including mint green, desert tan, orange, OD green, and carbon fiber.


Therefore, customers now possess a lot more freedom in their choice of colour matter. Providing more colours to be chosen from enables customer to pick 

whatever colour they like.


2. User-friendly Design


Except for the obviously improved max output and throw, Seeker 2 Pro’s real advantages actually lie in its capacity for providing a better user experience.


For charging, Seeker 2 Pro is equipped with a convenient L-dock which can be attached to or fixed (3M tape included) on a wall or table indoors that is close to a power source, thus providing a dedicated charging location.


For visual display indicators, Seeker 2 Pro has eight indicators in total: four on the right side to display the battery level, while the other four on the left side to display the brightness level. To learn about both the battery level and brightness level of your torch, one glimpse would be enough.


For texture, Seeker 2 Pro adopts milled finger grooves as well as dermatoglyphic silicone on the surface of the holding position, making it soft and anti-slip.


In a word, Seeker 2 Pro exceeds its predecessor not only in performance but also in user experience. 

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What do you know about the technical details of the flashlight?

What do you know about the technical details of the flashlight?


IPX waterproof rating of LED glare flashlight:

  • IPX-0 no waterproof protection

  • IPX-1 equipment under normal operating conditions can provide waterproof protection equivalent to 3-5 mm/min rainfall for 10 minutes.

  • IPX-2 is basically the same level as IPX-1, but it can pass the waterproof test of 15 degrees of tilt in all directions.

  • IPX-3 60-degree splash water-proof protection, providing water-proof protection with a flow rate of 10 liters/sec for 2-5 minutes and a pressure of 80-100n/m.

  • IPX-4 is basically the same as IPX-3, but it can provide all-round and angular splash water protection.

  • IPX-5 Waterproof protection in all directions and angles, providing waterproof protection with a flow rate of 12.5 liters/sec for 2-3 minutes and a pressure of 30n/m.

  • IPX-6 water-proof protection against big waves, it can resist a depth of 3 meters underwater for 2-3 minutes, a flow rate of 100 liters/minute, and a pressure of 100 n/m.

  • IPX-7 can be immersed for 30 minutes under 1 meter of water.

  • IPX-8 is completely waterproof and can be used continuously in the water for a long time. The current IPX8 waterproof rating of the flashlight is the best waterproof protection.


Lumen defines lumens, the unit of luminous flux, luminous flux refers to the radiant power that the human eye can feel. A point light source with a luminous intensity of 1 candela (cd) emits "1 lumen" within a unit solid angle (1 steradian). English abbreviation (lm). Luminous flux is the ability to describe the strength of the visual response produced by the radiation of a light source per unit time, the unit is lumens, also called brightness. In other words, the greater the lumens, the more you feel the greater the brightness, on the contrary, the smaller the lumens, the more you feel the lower the brightness.

Many people think that the higher the lumen value, the brighter the flashlight and the farther the light will be. In fact, the distance the flashlight illuminates is not only related to the lumen value, but also has a great relationship with the reflective reflector. It can be said that the quality of the reflective reflector is the decisive factor that determines whether the flashlight can shine, and it is also the determining factor of the brightness of the flashlight spot.

A good reflective reflector can reflect the light in a straight line to a great extent, and the light dispersion is very small, so that the light beam can be irradiated far without divergence, and the light spot is naturally bright.

Beam Distance

Beam Distance is the distance your light can travel and still light up an area. When you add a smooth parabolic reflector to a high Lumen LED lamp you direct much of the light output into a single direction. This can light up objects a great distance away – sometimes a kilometer or more. Naturally this is important for searchlights or other narrow-beam applications.


Candela is light’s intensity as visible to the human eye in a specific direction. Candela is a direct indicator of Throw, or the effective distance of a directional light such as a flashlight.

Candela is a measurement of light intensity, so would increase accordingly as light is focused in a tighter, more directional beam.Is the abbreviation for luminous intensity. Luminous intensity refers to the luminous flux emitted by a light source in a unit solid angle in a specified direction, that is, the luminous flux density of the light source radiating in a certain direction in space. The light intensity represents the radiation ability of the light source in different directions. In layman's terms, the luminous intensity is the intensity of the light emitted by the light source.

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Open 2 VS Open Pro: Stylish & Practical Penlight Recommendation

Open 2 VS Open Pro: Stylish & Practical Penlight Recommendation

Need recommendations on penlight? Check this!


Before I started blabbering about how to choose a penlight, please go check this article(A Detailed Introduction on Penlight | Olight Store) if you need a general introduction to it first. 


We'll begin with Olight's Open Series.


Open 2 VS Open Pro


Both Open 2 & Open Pro belong to Olight's penlight series. The former is Olight's first EDC pen with an illumination function, while the latter being the upgraded version of it and just launched on the latest flash sale!


(Just a kindly reminder: flash sale is in full swing. Want to save up to 40% on your dream torches & more? Click Here!)



Alright, let's go back to penlights.


I believe a detailed comparison is needed here, so this is it!


Detailed Comparison Between Open 2 & Open Pro

General Data

Open 2

Open Pro

Beam Distance(ft/m)



Max. Performance (lumens)



Charge type

USB-C port

USB Charging Cable(A-C)

Compatible Batteries

3.7 V 110mAh/407mWh 


Lithium Polymer Battery


3.7V 110mAh/407mWh 


Lithium Polymer Battery


Mode Operation

Front Switch

Form/Size Factor

Small Size

Small Size




Light Source

High-Performance Warm 

White LED (3000K)


Lighting Levels

Open 2

Open Pro

Level 1 

120 lumens/20 mins

120 lumens/23 mins

Level 2

60 lumens/50 mins

60 lumens/45 mins

Level 3

20 lumens/140 mins

20 lumens/120 mins

Level 4

5 lumens/10 hours

5 lumens/10 hours


Technical Characteristics

Open 2

Open Pro







Weight (g / oz)


1.23oz/35g (Including 

Battery and Refill)

Length (mm / in)


Length: 6.02in/153mm 

(Tip Retracted)

Tip Diameter (mm / in)

0.6 / 0.024

Body Diameter (mm / in)

12.7 / 0.5



3737 Cool White LED


Custom plastic enclosure.

Carton Box


Everyday carry, Car,  

Household, EDC,

General use, Outdoor 

activities, House activities

Everyday Carry, Camping, 

Outdoors, Household, 

EDC, General Use

Package Contents


OPEN 2 (Battery Built-in and 

Refill Included)×1


USB Charging Cable(A-C) ×1


Spare Refill ×1


User Manual x 1



Open Pro (Battery Built-in 

and Refill Included×1


USB Charging Cable (A-C) 



Spare RF-OL182X BK 

Refill ×1


User Manual x 1

Unique Characteristics Of Open Pro




As the upgraded version of Open 2, Open Pro determines to provide a better user experience.


The most important advantage that divides Open Pro from its predecessor is, it possesses a green laser pointer. Therefore, Open Pro is an EDC pen with a LED light as well as a green pointer beam. This innovative 3-in-1 design offers more choices for its users: writing, reading, presenting, and so on.

Also, the body part of Open Pro is longer and slimmer, just to assure a more comfortable grip. At the same time, the LED light has moved from the upper part onto the pocket clip, so as to make sure the light won't be blocked when clipped to shirt pockets or bags. While the green pointer for accurate pointing and marking locates at the tail of the LED part.




Though the L-type bolt was adopting from Open 2, it now controls not only the pen tip but also the LED light and the green pointer. 


This intuitive operation is as follows: single bolt swing to access or recess the pen tip, quickly tap up once to turn on the LED, slide up and hold to activate the pointer.


If you were looking for a stylish yet practical gift, Open Pro definitely is an excellent choice.


The good news is, Open Pro(Black/Blue) is now on sale! Click here to save up to 40%!


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Olight Australia 02/09/2021-03/09/2021 Flash Sale

Olight Australia 02/09/2021-03/09/2021 Flash Sale

Leave your comments and tell us which flashlight you like the best?

Thank you for your support!!!

We are testing our new website.

Help us test our new website and score yourself a FREE X9R CELL and a $5 OFF Coupon that you can use for any product! Make sure you log in first. 

During our this Flash Sale you will get: 

1. Free Gift

Register/log in to receive a FREE X9R CELL automatically added to your cart -- this is available while stocks last and does not include free shipping. Limited to 1 per customer.    LOG IN TO GET YOURS

2.Tier gift

Spend over the specific amount and can get one free tier gift

3. New Arrivals: 


✦I3T Orange:

180 lumens output achieved with just a single widely available AAA battery.

Easy to carry in a pocket or clipped to a hat brim with its lightweight and palm-sized Aluminum body.

✦I5T Blue:

 Easy Activation: Simple push to activate the tail switch with 300 lumens and machining for optimal grip.

 AA Battery: Powered by a single widely available AA NiMH Battery.

✦Drever black& blue:

Smooth and Safe Deployment: Quick deployment with the flipper tab ; a stout stainless liner lock ensures safe lockup.

High Standards: Meets BSCI and ISO 14000 accreditation requirements and FDA food safety standards.

✦Open Pro black& blue

Green Laser & LED: the OPen Pro innovative 3-in-1 design including a pen, green laser, and a light will have you covered.

Easy Activation: L-type Bolt Action with LED switch, easy to extend/retract the tip, or activate the light with a single upward push.

✦Olantern Mini Grey & Bundle

A reliable outdoor companion with max 150-lumen output and max 48-hour runtime.

Never miss a single surprise with even, steady 360-degree lighting distribution.

✦Seeker 2 pro OD Green:

Powered by a single 5000mAh 21700 customized lithium rechargeable battery that helps this light deliver a maximum output of 3200 lumens.

It uses high-quality LEDs paired with a TIR optic lens.

✦Marauder 2 OD Green:

 Max 14,000-lumen flood beam or flip to an 800-meter throw.

 Safest in its class as it has a thermal sensor, a proximity sensor, and cooling fins to protect against overheating and obstruction.

4. Mega Pack

✦Pack one : Warrior Mini 2 x4 each+Omino + Free I3T Orange

✦Pack two :Omino+Obulb Red&Grey&Green&Red

✦Outdoor pack:Seeker 2 Pro OD Green+Open Pro Black+Open Pro Blue+I3T Orange

✦Camping pack:Marauder 2 OD Green+Olantern Mini Grey+I5T Blue+Open Pro Black

5. Limited Sale

Available at 20:00 03/09 -- 23:59 03/09(AEST)   

Come and learn more about our new flashlight!!  LEARN MORE>>

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How Pocket Portable Flashlight is Convenient for Our Lives?

How Pocket Portable Flashlight is Convenient for Our Lives?

When going out to work or going home at night, do you need to carry a small flashlight with you, you can take it out at any time and send a portable belt, so that we can use it at any time.

With the development of the flashlight industry, flashlights of various usage scenarios have emerged. Giant high-power flashlights are more suitable for outdoor search and rescue environments, while small flashlights are more suitable for daily use. It is precisely because of the development of the flashlight industry. Mini flashlights can also exert better performance, and in life, more or more lighting products tend to be used for daily use. This is a flashlight that uses AAA batteries to the extreme

Flashlight Size and Portability

Size and portability are the most critical factors in choosing a small flashlight. The most important thing is to fit comfortably in your pocket. Maybe you may wear a coat to work outdoors, so that a larger flashlight will fit better, or in a factory environment, a long and narrow flashlight is more suitable to carry. For another group of office workers, they often wear jeans and like to put them in their jeans pockets, so small and delicate small flashlights are more suitable for this group of people.

The detail of the I3T EOS

The design of this i3T is very exquisite. Although it is a small flashlight that focuses on household EDC, i3T has very high-quality design and workmanship. The overall design of the flashlight is very modern. The first impression I just got this flashlight is It is very delicate, its length is 89 mm, the whole flashlight adopts a straight barrel design, the diameter of the barrel is 15 mm, this size is very convenient to carry, and the design of the raised button at the tail is also very convenient to operate.The overall i3T is made of aviation aluminum alloy material, which not only ensures the overall strength of the torch, but also ensures the lightweight of the equipment (only 39 grams including the battery). The flashlight can have stronger corrosion resistance and wear resistance. At the same time, after this layer of treatment, the overall texture of the flashlight is improved.

The lamp beads of i3T use LUXEON cold white LED from Philips. On this single-section AAA flashlight, the highest brightness of this lamp bead is 180LM, and there will be no stroboscopic in use, while the reflector of i3T uses PMMA material, the reflectivity can reach 95%, and the TIR lens structure is adopted to make the emitted light spot transition softer and more uniform.

As mentioned above, this small hand electrode has a modern style. This is reflected in the double spiral pattern design of the barrel, which is different from the rectangular thread design of most flashlights. This double spiral pattern can provide higher grip friction. At the same time it is more beautiful.

Located at the bottom of the barrel, a very long two-way holding clamp is set, and the top of the holding clamp is also provided with a lanyard hole. In actual use, you can feel that this holding clamp can have good toughness, and at the same time, it adopts a two-way The design can greatly improve the portable performance and applicable area of this flashlight.

And through the design of the reverse holding clip, we can fix this flashlight on the hat. Without the headlight, we can free our hands to realize the lighting needs. The light weight of i3T, there will be nothing on the hat. Feeling of falling.

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Olantern VS Olantern Mini: Which One is a Better Compact Outdoor Light?

Olantern VS Olantern Mini: Which One is a Better Compact Outdoor Light?

Olantern VS Olantern Mini

Both belong to Olight's Olantern Series.

Looked like regular lanterns, yet function much better.

We'll start with a brief general introduction on these two products.


Olantern is an excellent all-around lantern, giving out an even, steady 360-degree lighting distribution. The white light LED module and flaming LED module are replaceable for fun and scenario-based illumination. The white light LED module has 3 adjustable settings: 30 lumens, 120 lumens, and 360 lumens. It is powered by four 1900mAh lithium-ion batteries rechargeable via the magnetic charging cable and runs up to 80 hours. The stable base and the hanging hook are available for several placement options. It is resistant to splashing water and the impacts of daily use. The battery indicator around the button indicates the battery level and fades on and off to reveal the button in the darkness.

Olantern Mini

Olantern Mini is a compact outdoor light that features a balanced 360-degree beam. It is so small that you can fit it in one of your palms. Its handle also works as a hook, making it easy to carry and position. Its body is mainly made of zinc alloy, allowing it to be tough yet lightweight. The Olantern Mini not only provides a dimmable white light but also a night-vision preserving red light, great for camping or emergency use. The tornado-shaped light diffuser softens the light output, reducing strain on your eyes during long-time use. When the included motion sensor feels a shake, the indicator around the button will light up, allowing you to read the battery level and locate the button in the darkness. It also features a built-in lithium-ion battery that can be charged quickly using the included USB magnetic charging cable. The Olantern Mini is a refined product to light your home and adventures.

As for what do they share in common as well as their differences, I believe the table below will help.

Detailed Comparison Between Olantern & Olantern Mini

General DataOlanternOlantern Mini
Beam Distance360-Degree Lighting Distribution360-Degree Lighting Distribution
Max Output360 lumens150 lumens
Max Runtime80 hours48 hours
Compatible Batteries

Four 3.7V 18500 1900mAh Rechargeable

Lithium-ion Batteries (Built-in)

Customized 2000mAh 3.7V 26350

Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery (Built-in)

Charge TypeMCC3 Magnetic Charging CableMCC3 Magnetic Charging Cable
Mode OperationMotion-Sensitive ButtonMotion-Sensitive Button
Form / Size FactorMedium SizeMini Size
Lighting LevelsOlantern Olantern Mini
High360 lumens/6.5h150 lumens/4h
Medium120 lumens/20h50 lumen/12h
Low30 lumens/75h15 lumen/48h
Flaming LED1 lumens/80h1 lumens/34h(red light)
Technical CharacteristicsOlantern Olantern Mini
Drop Test1m1m
Weight12.24oz/347g(including battery)8.43oz/239g(including battery)
Base Diameter2.60in/66mm2.06in/52.2mm
Light SourceHigh Performance Neutral White LED

High Performance Neutral White LEDs

+ High Performance Red LEDs

Body MaterialPC, ABS, TPE, Aluminum AlloyZinc Alloy, PC, ABS, TPE, Aluminum Alloy
UseIndoors, OutdoorsIndoors, Outdoors
PackagingCarton BlisterCarton Blister 
Package Contents
  • Olantern (Battery Built-in) x 1

  • Flaming LED Module x 1

  • MCC3 Magnetic Charging Cable x 1

  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth x 1

  • Olantern Mini Jet Black/Wine Red (Battery Built-in) x 1

  • MCC3 Magnetic Charging Cable x 1

  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth x 1

  • User Manual x 1

Customer Review


· Love the size of these and the two bulb set up (regular and candle) have just done a run-time test (continuous) of one at 84+ hrs using the candle bulb. Excellent. Bought another.

· Works great, can be too bright at times. Just soend a week at Airlie Beach, place was full of bugs but the candle flame doesn’t attract them so this lantern became a favourite at the fishing shack. Only downside is it doesn’t have onboard storage for the spare bulb.

· Out camping and the other campers complained it was to bright dimmed it through its settings they thought it was great so did i, easy to use, great size for camping.

>>Olantern Mini

· This lantern is small, but the light it puts out by comparison, is BIG. On low 15 lumens, it lights up a lounge room enough to see where you're going. Medium 50 lumens, you CAN, see what you are doing, no problem. On high 150 lumens, this is the brightest and functional 150 lumen I've ever seen. And you can put it in your pocket. Well, almost.

· I was really happy to see the lantern come out in a mini version. The light itself feels excellent in its materials, its mainly rubberised around the base and top to help protect from bumps and scratches. The light output is great on low and also has a red mode to preserve night vision. The light output is a very bright white, unlike the yellow light of an obulb. The runtime is great at two days on low and the power switch glows red, yellow, green to show battery status. I am very impressed with this as a new product, looking forward to putting it to task.

If you were looking for a camping light, then both Olantern and Olantern Mini are excellent choices.

Aug 28, 2021, 00:00:00
Warrior Mini VS S2R Baton II Pocket Flashlight

Warrior Mini VS S2R Baton II Pocket Flashlight

Let's see what is different between Warrior Mini and S2R Baton II Pocket Flashlight

Beam Distance623ft (190 m)443 ft (135 m)
Max Performance1,500 lumens1,150 lumens
Charging TypeCharging CableUSB Charging Cable
Compatible BatteriesCustomized 3500mAh 3.6V 18650 Customized 18650
Max Light IntensityLithium Battery4,600 candela
Light Source9,025 candelaLuminus SST-40 CW LED
Lens / Reflector Type TIR Lens
Mode OperationHigh Performance LED (6000~7000K)Side Switch
Form / Size FactorTail Switch & Side switchMedium size (Permanent Marker)
SeriesSeries Warrior (Tactical, Military)Series Baton (EDC, General Use)
LEVEL 11,500~500~170 lumens1,150~400 lumens
Run time LEVEL 14+205+55 mins2 minutes + 230 minutes
LEVEL 2500~170 lumens400 lumens
Run time LEVEL 2218+50 mins4 hours
LEVEL 3120 lumens120 lumens
Run time LEVEL 318 hours14 hours
LEVEL 415 lumens15 lumens
Run time LEVEL 4150 hours100 hours
LEVEL 51 lumen0.5 lumens
Run time LEVEL 55 days60 days
Weight3.7 oz (105 g)3.47 oz (98.5 g)
Length4.19 in (106.5 mm)3.94 in (100 mm)
Head Diameter0.91in (23 mm)0.91in (23 mm)
Body Diameter0.91in (23 mm)0.91in (23 mm)
PackagingCarton BoxCarton Box
UseTactical, Everyday carry, Defensive, etcEveryday Carry, Key-chain, Car, Camping, Fishing, Household, EDC, General use

Reviews For S2R BARON II

>>I bought one for my partner as the S1R Baton II was a little too small. These through a huge amount of light, have excellent run times with multiple modes and are very small in the pocket. Excellent all round torch.

>>I’ve been looking for small yet bright torch as I work as Truck Mechanic. Tried other brands but not satisfied, until I found this S2R Baton II. This torch is perfect in everything, I have not use all of my inspection lights since I got this torch. It stays in my pocket all the time. Thanks to Olight, the service was great!

>>First thing that impressed me was the Olight Store dispatched my order, not just same day but practically within the hour. The torch itself is even more impressive. it feels solid like it's built to last, yet comfortable in the hand and the texture provides good grip. I like the soft beam profile which provides a nice even spread. This is an easy to use, easy to carry, powerful little torch. Very happy with my purchase.

>>Ok if you read my First Impressions of the S1R Baton ii you can pretty Much skip most of this as the S2R Baton ii is in essence just a bigger, brighter and longer lasting version of that miniature masterpiece.
The S2R Baton ii is an 18650 Every Day Carry torch. All day every day, it’s not a tactical torch by any standards, it’s not something you weapon mount, it has no crenulated bezel or rear tail switch.
This is a powerful, slender and sleek looking torch that pushes the limits of just how small an 18650 torch can be. Perfectly suited to typical every day torch needs; the TIR lens is not a thrower nor is it a dedicated flood light, it provides the perfect balance of the two while saving valuable real-estate typically taken up by a traditional reflector.
At just under 100 grams, 100mm long and 23mm max diameter you can drop this in to a pocket and forget it was ever there. Throw in MCCv2 magnetic charging, magnetic base and a bi-directional pocket clip, 1150 lumens (4,600cd) and the included 3200mAh battery this is a perfect EDC torch that has lived in my pocket by day and on my bed side table at night since I first got my grubby mitts on it.
The brightness levels are perfect for my needs (0.5lm Moonlight, 15lm low, 120lm medium, 400lm on high and a turbo of 1150lm for 2 minutes at a time) and the beam profile is just what the doctor ordered.


>>great torch and very versatile for my work

>>Veeeery impressed with the build quality and the light throw. I will never buy another brand because of the magnetic charger design is so good!

>>This packs a huge punch and is able to deliver it in a very small form factor, it essentially is a smaller version of the M2R Pro, similar output, style and features but more compact. The tail-switch is great for rapid deployment and the 18650 makes it small enough to pocket carry. Excellent light and my current EDC for work.

>>The finish of titanium makes an already outstanding light just that much better. Slightly more weight gives a premium feel and the titanium looks fantastic, if you can get one on the secondary market, I would highly recommend.

>>I got this on a whim. I got the baton pro and I really like it. But I thought I would get this one on sale to see what the hype was about and I'm happy to say its worth it. I find my self using the tail switch the most and moonlight mode too.

>>I've had six of these so far- two of the Eternal 2 Copper limited edition versions and the whole Titanium Seasons set. All of them have had next level attention to detail and are extremely bright for the size. The only drawback is that you need to remember to put it on lockout mode if you leave it in your pocket with keys or other metal objects. If you forget to do that it can turn on and get very hot very quickly! Overall my favourite EDC light so far- I highly recommend it!





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A Detailed Introduction on Penlight

A Detailed Introduction on Penlight

As we dig into the history of a flashlight, reliable sources suggested that it was invented at the end of the 19th century. At that time, the pen had already experienced countless times of evolution. Yet, there hasn’t been any solid evidence suggesting which year was penlight invented.

In case anyone is curious, I’m gonna start with the definition of a penlight.

What is penlight?

As its name suggested, penlight means a combination of pen and flashlight. To be more specific, it’s a small flashlight with the shape of a pen. Compare with regular flashlights, penlights can only apply to illuminate a small and specific area due to their small size.

How does penlight work?

Penlight often uses two or three AAA or AAAA batteries. The latter is a newer, thinner type of battery that is commonly found in small electronic devices. And the small light used in a penlight is either LED (Light Emitting Diode) or a small lightbulb.

Thus, when there’s electricity running through it, it will light up.

Since most penlights will equip with little clips, they could be attached to shirts or pockets easily, providing hands-free convenience.

Intuitive operation, as well as compact size, asserts its popularity among people from all walks of life.

What is penlight used for?

  1. Medical Field

Doctors(from dentists to general practitioners to surgeons)and nurses sure are familiar with penlights.

There are even penlights specifically designed for this field.

For them, weight, simplicity of use, and appropriate brightness are important factors to consider.

For example, if the penlight is optimized for medical use, it may turn on at a lower mode by default. This design is to prevent doctors or nurses flashing patients with bright light accidentally, which is helpful when checking for pupil dilation.

Many may wonder what could a penlight do.

Here are some possible aspects doctors or nurses examining through penlights.

Firstly, to check if the patient’s pupils react to the light.

If they don’t, it could suggest that there has been some sort of brain injury.

Secondly, to check if the patient’s pupils act as one. That is to examine whether both eyes react the same way even if the light is in only one eye.

If so, no worries.

If not, there are more tests to run.

Thirdly, to check the colour of the whites of the eye as well as the condition of the blood vessels.

There are many more ways for people in the medical field to use penlights, such as: examining wounds in the throat or mouth area, illuminating the patient’s room when on daily ward round, or looking through drawers at night.

  1. Engineering Field

Penlights are also useful tools for engineers, electricians, or handymen.

They need to inspect sensitive electronics on a daily basis.

However, their working environment may not be ideal.

Sometimes they have to work on mechanical projects in dimly lit spaces.

Or in seemingly well-lit spaces, but still could face an awkward situation when other parts of the mechanic cast shadows onto the specific areas.

That’s when they need a penlight with targeted illumination.

It can accurately locate and illuminate required areas, helping them to identify problems quickly.

  1. Law Enforcement Field

For policemen, penlights could be used to check pupil response. So that they could draw a basic conclusion on whether the suspect is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. By the way, The brightness of the penlight stimulus was standardized for all examiners.

If they were on duty at night, then a good penlight with excellent durability, waterproofness, and higher lumen output would be their first choice.

Some penlights even equip with reversible clips that allow users to attach them to baseball caps or wear them as headlamps. Others may design with tactical elements.

Each type of penlight comes with different functions and features. It’s necessary to spend some time considering how would you use your penlight most of the time, before actually purchasing one.

Apart from these professional fields, people also use penlights for their two basic functions: writing and illumination.

Olights Open Series

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra once said: “A pen is the tongue of the mind”. No doubt, writing is such an important way to output our thoughts. To write beautifully, a good pen is rather essential.

That’s why Olight is dedicated to bringing out the best of a penlight, starting with its two basic functions.

 Open 2

Open 2 is Olight’s first EDC pen with an illumination function. It can be either integrated or divided into two functionally independent parts: a pen and a flashlight.

The pen tip is very smooth for writing and the ink is legible, with an L-type bolt action design to quickly pop out the tip and bounce it back. While the LED flashlight is on the upper part of Open 2. A single click on the top switch will activate the light in no time. As it can deliver 4 levels of brightness, from 5 lumens to 120 lumens, it surely supports writing in dark.

With a built-in 110mAh rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, popular USB-C interface, and humanized charging indicator, Open 2 provides you a worry-free charging process. While it could be fully charged in less than an hour, its max runtime can reach 10 hours.

Even including battery and refill, Open 2 only weighs 1.13oz. Therefore, this lightweight pen is suitable for everyday carry. What’s more, the stainless steel pocket clip also ensures a tight grip on shirts or jeans pockets. These two features guarantee Open 2’s popularity among outdoor enthusiasts.

Except for all the practical functions listed above, with the unique dynamic spiral textures, Open 2 has an exquisite and elegant appearance as well. Hence, it’s definitely qualified as a perfect gift.

In a word, whether you are to write something down during night patrol or taking notes during bedtime reading, Open 2 is your best choice.


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