Archer Spotlight

Redefined Projector-Grade Thrower

Far Reaching Square Beam

Projector-grade LED delivers impressive distant beam with a uniform and well-defined hot spot.

Beauty of Geometrics

Unibody made of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. Square for a uniformed look and firm grip. Curvy to be sleek and artistic.

Premium User Interface 

The slightly raised metal switch is easily located and operated, and secure against accidental activation. The indicator below it shows the battery level at a glance.

Quality Clip Case

With an integrated clip case at your waist, you can quickly stow and take out the flashlight.

5000mAh Battery

Built-in 5000mAh battery, ensuring a max runtime of 200 hours. Say no to battery anxiety.

Simple Magnetic Charging

The magnetic charging cable snaps on the tailcap instantly. Quickly start charging.