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Olight Charging Cables

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  1. Olight L-Dock Recharge Kit

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    An accessory engineered for OLIGHT torches and headlamps. The magnetic L-dock provides you an alternate handy charging method by fixing it close to a USB power supply.

    The L-Dock Kits are compatible with S1R / S1R II / S10R III / S2R / S2 ...

  2. Olight MCC Magnetic Charging Cable for R50 Pro

    1 Review(s)
    Charging your r50 Pro is easy. Simply attach the circular base of the magnetic charging cable to the tail cap and plug the USB port to any convenient power source such as a wall plug or laptop .The indicator grows red when the light is charging and g ...
  3. Olight MCC1A Magnetic Charging Cable

    1 Review(s)

    Charge your Olight on the go with this compact charging cable. This can be used at home, in the car, or with a power bank and solar charger! Replacement or spare cable for the M2R, S1R, S2R, H1R, H2R and optional cable for S10R III and S30R III. I ...

  4. Olight MCC3 Magnetic Charging Cable

    Charge your light on the go with this compact charging cable. Magnetic charging cable originally produced for M2R Pro Warrior to charge at 2A. Also compatible with Baton Pro, S1R, S1R II, S10R III, S2R, S2R II, S30R III, Seeker 2, Seeker 2 Pro, H1R, ...
  5. Olight MCC5V Charging Cable for Javelot Pro and R50 Pro

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    The Olight MCC5V is your spare charging cable for the Javelot Pro and R50 Pro - This cable is not compatible with any other Olight torches. Cable Length; 50cm ...
  6. Olight Micro USB Cable for i1R and i1R 2

    Charge your light on the go with this compact charging cable. Micro USB Charging Cable built for the i1R and i1R 2 EOS torches. Also compatible with most other Micro USB devices.

    Cable Length: 25cm / 10 inches

  7. Olight UC Universal Magnetic USB Charger for Li-Ion or NiMh

    7 Review(s)

    This tiny charger is compatible with both Li-ion and NiMH batteries of almost all sizes. It conforms to different size batteries by attaching with magnets. The Olight UC is powered by a USB cable that can be used in any computer or USB wall port, ...

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7 Item(s)